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Castle season finale: Are you satisfied?

Warning: Major spoilers!

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So, how about that Castle finale? After some very, very frustrating episodes this season, we finally got some resolution. But, the question is, are you satisfied with how it ended?

The first “oooh!” moment of the episode came when Castle and Beckett were walking to their crime scene. Castle mentioned his plans to watch movies alone after Alexis’ graduation and somewhat timidly asked if she would like to join him. Instead of turning him down, she said she would love to, leading Castle to look quite pleased.

But, the episode was not without its drama. It turns out the victim had broken into Captain Montgomery’s house to steal his old files. The team quickly assumed it had to do with Beckett’s mom’s murder and Beckett’s shooting — and they weren’t wrong. Beckett insisted they keep their investigation a secret from Captain Gates, which Esposito was very willing to do but Ryan didn’t agree with. The mystery man who called Castle earlier in the season about keeping Beckett away from the case called him again with the same warning. Realizing there was no stopping Beckett, Castle went to her apartment to plead his case.

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Is Castle really moving on from Beckett?

Warning: Some spoilers.

Let me go right ahead and answer my own question: No. No he is not.

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After last week’s extremely frustrating episode, I was very optimistic that something would happen this week. I knew better than to hope for an actual declaration of love, but I hoped that at the very least Beckett would find out that Castle knows she remembers everything he said to her when she was shot. No such luck.

Beckett talked to Lainie about how Castle seems different, and Lainie didn’t hesitate to tell her that he won’t wait for her forever. Of course, just when Beckett decided she was going to tell Castle how she feels, he rolled up to a crime scene with a hot blonde. Clearly this girl isn’t important, but she’s certainly an obstacle.

Their case this week focused on a British model who was found in a dingy pay-by-the-hour motel. The case quickly led them to Colin Hunt, a Scotland Yard Detective Inspector (who was pretty easy on the eyes too, I might add). He knew the victim personally and insisted on helping work the case.

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Castle: More ‘Will they or won’t they’ teasing

Warning: Some spoilers from this week’s episode 

I don’t think there has been an episode of Castle that has made me say “I hate this show!” more than this week’s episode. Of coures I don’t actually hate the show at all — in fact, I love it — but talk about a frustrating hour of televison!

I’ve been a big supporter of the Castle/Beckett hookup pretty much since the first episode. I know there’s that whole Moonlighting curse and people worry that the show will lose its spark once the main characters get together, and sometimes I even agree. Take Chuck for instance — I really wanted Chuck and Sarah to get together and I was so happy when it finally happened, but eventually it got boring. Married spies? Come on. That said, I preferred them finally being together than continuing to toy with my emotions. Bones, on the other hand, seems to be fine with their main characters finally being together. Granted, there haven’t been many episodes with them as a couple, but from what I’ve seen it hasn’t ruined the show. Either way, in the case of Castle, they’ve been teasing it for so long that I need it to happen already!

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Dancing With the Stars: Season 14

Dancing With the Stars is one of those shows I’ve always been interested in, would watch a couple episodes here and there when a celeb I liked was one, but never fully invested myself for various reasons. This season I decided to take the plunge, and for no particular reason really. I think the show has had better casts than this, but I guess it made sense now because of this blog.

DWTS also combines some of my favorite things: dancing (a la Grease and Dirty Dancing), fun costumes and celebs. What’s not to love?

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Castle Recap: “Cops and Robbers”

Warning: Spoilers

Ugh Beckett! If thinking the man you love just died in an explosion isn’t enough of a reason to admit you love him, I don’t know what is! Even though the Halloween episode was last week, there was certainly a fair amount of intensity in this episode!

Castle and his mother went to the bank because she wanted to get a loan to fix up her acting school and she wanted to do it independently of her wealthy son. While waiting, Castle noticed multiple people dressed as doctors with suspicious bulges in their jacket. He was on the phone with Beckett at the time and told her he thought the bank was about to be robbed, which it was. One of the robbers took his phone and talked to Beckett, who tried to convince him to call it off before it got any worse. That didn’t work, but the robber liked Beckett and refused to talk to any law enforcement person except her, much to the dismay of the lead person on the hostage negotiation team.

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Castle Recap: “Demons”

Warning: Spoilers

I’m still a little confused as to why the Halloween episode didn’t air on Halloween, especially since it’s a Monday. Nevertheless, it was an entertaining – and sometimes slightly creepy – hour of television.

The team was investigating the murder of a Jack Sinclair, the host of a popular ghost hunting show called Ghost Wranglers. He was in a haunted house in New York filming an episode of his show when he died, and Castle was certain a ghost killed him. This theory skyrocketed when Lanie pointed out the weirdness of the blood spatter – the splatter was all around the body but there should’ve been a clean area where the killer was standing.

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Castle Recap: “Eye of the Beholder”

After the lack of Caskett sexual tension in last week’s episode, we were given a double dose of it this week! There’s something about a jealous Beckett that I just can’t get enough of.

This week’s case focused on a $50 million dollar piece of art called the Fist of Capitalism, which was stolen from a museum. Well, actually, it focused on the murder that happened as a result of a theft, but the piece of art was an important factor. The museum’s insurance investigator, Serena Kaye, offered her services to help solve the case because she wanted her 1% finder’s fee. Beckett turned her down, but the captain overruled her so Serena was on the team.

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