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Castle: More ‘Will they or won’t they’ teasing

Warning: Some spoilers from this week’s episode 

I don’t think there has been an episode of Castle that has made me say “I hate this show!” more than this week’s episode. Of coures I don’t actually hate the show at all — in fact, I love it — but talk about a frustrating hour of televison!

I’ve been a big supporter of the Castle/Beckett hookup pretty much since the first episode. I know there’s that whole Moonlighting curse and people worry that the show will lose its spark once the main characters get together, and sometimes I even agree. Take Chuck for instance — I really wanted Chuck and Sarah to get together and I was so happy when it finally happened, but eventually it got boring. Married spies? Come on. That said, I preferred them finally being together than continuing to toy with my emotions. Bones, on the other hand, seems to be fine with their main characters finally being together. Granted, there haven’t been many episodes with them as a couple, but from what I’ve seen it hasn’t ruined the show. Either way, in the case of Castle, they’ve been teasing it for so long that I need it to happen already!

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Dancing With the Stars: Season 14

Dancing With the Stars is one of those shows I’ve always been interested in, would watch a couple episodes here and there when a celeb I liked was one, but never fully invested myself for various reasons. This season I decided to take the plunge, and for no particular reason really. I think the show has had better casts than this, but I guess it made sense now because of this blog.

DWTS also combines some of my favorite things: dancing (a la Grease and Dirty Dancing), fun costumes and celebs. What’s not to love?

Photo: ABC

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The Voice: The Battles, Week 2

We got to see six more battles this week, along with more of Christina’s silly little hat. I hope she ditches that before the live shows begin…just saying.

Team Christina: Geoff McBride v. Sera Hill – I’m glad Christina resisted the urge to get up on stage and sing with Sera again. For this battle, Christina had her singers perform Chain of Fools by Aretha Franklin. They both did well during the rehearsals – Lionel Richie was very impressed with Geoff’s voice and even suggested he skip the glasses during the battle so he can make eye contact. I thought that was a strange request because Geoff doesn’t wear those glasses for fun, he actually needs them. He met Lionel in the middle, though, and wore non-tinted glasses instead. As expected, they were both great during the battle. I actually really enjoyed their performance as a duo, but someone had to go. Geoff was great, but I wanted Sera to win. Christina felt this way too and picked Sera to advance to the live shows.

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The Voice: The Battles Begin

The battle rounds finally started last night. I find this point in the show to be really stressful. How do they decide who to pair up? And then how do they choose?! I’m glad I’m not one of the coaches…

Apparently Adam’s grandfather sweater was a hot topic among viewers and bloggers – in fact, he even addressed the chatter on Twitter. I had no issue with his sweater, which is more than I can say about Christina’s hat. And I use the term “hat” very loosely. I’m not sure what she was thinking with that one.

But back to what matters. Last night we saw two battles each from Team Blake and Team Christina, as well as one battle each from Team Adam and Team Cee Lo. Just like last year, the coaches brought along some manpower in the form of celebrity mentors. Blake had his wife, Miranda Lambert, as well as Kelly Clarkson; Christina had Lionel Richie and Jewel; Adam had Alanis Morissette and Robin Thicke; and Cee Lo had Babyface and Ne-Yo.

Team Adam: Tony Lucca v. Chris Cauley – Tony and Chris were the first team to battle, and they were assigned U2’s Beautiful Day. During their rehearsals, I was really leaning towards Chris as my pick. I liked Tony a lot during his audition, but for some reason he didn’t sound that great to me during practice. But, lo and behold, during the actual battle Tony really won me over. The judges all put in their two cents, but Adam ultimately chose Tony as the winner.

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The Voice: The Blind Auditions, Part 5

Last week was a bit hectic and I was seriously slacking on my TV shows. Oops! I finally got around to watching the final episode of blind auditions – and just in time too, because battle rounds start tonight!

At the start of part 5 of the blind auditions, Cee Lo needed three people to finish his team while the other judges each needed two. Here’s a rundown on the final contestants.

Whitney Myer – Whitney is a funk/soul singer and is in a band with her dad and uncle. She was interesting; I liked her voice. I don’t know that it was a favorite of mine, but it was definitely good. All four judges turned around for her, there was some awkward Adam/Christina banter, but ultimately she chose Adam as her coach. He seemed to really want her, and I didn’t think a different judge would be better for her, so I’m ok with this decision.

The Shields Brothers – These guys were pretty strange, to me. They’re brothers and have a rock and roll band together – in fact, when explaining themselves and their music, they said “We really want to punch America in the face with rock and roll.” I’m not entirely sure what that means, but they seemed pretty set on it. They sang “Dancing with Myself,” which is one of my favorite songs, so they earned points with me there. Their performance was really intense for me, and even the judges could tell something crazy was going on behind them – Blake described it as “chaos,” which is pretty accurate. Cee Lo was the only judge to turn around; I’m interested to see how they do in the battle rounds.

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TV news of the week

There were several big news stories this week relating to TV stars and shows; here are a few of the ones that stood out to me.

Hawaii Five-0’s Alex O’Loughin seeks treatment for prescription pills

This is arguably one of the bigger stories of the week – at least for a Hawaii Five-0/Alex O’Loughlin fan like myself. From what I’ve gathered, Alex developed a bit of a dependence on prescription pain pills after he hurt his shoulder recently. The show is going to stop production while he seeks treatment. They haven’t said how many (if any) episodes he’ll miss as a result, but they are ahead of schedule with filming so I’m hoping the answer is zero. Can you imagine Five-0 without the commander? I sure can’t.

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