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Saying goodbye to One Tree Hill

Wednesday night we said goodbye to one of my favorites: One Tree Hill. For nine long seasons, we got to watch these characters grow from struggling teenagers to adults and saw all the ups and downs in between. Over the years there were nasty high school rumors, teenage pregnancy, deaths and goodbyes to old friends. And through it all, Brooke, Nathan, Haley, Lucas, Peyton, Skills, Mouth and so on, were by each other’s sides.

To me, a good TV show is when the characters and their families feel like your own. When a good show ends, it’s like you’ve lost a friend. And that is true of One Tree Hill.

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Dancing With the Stars: Season 14

Dancing With the Stars is one of those shows I’ve always been interested in, would watch a couple episodes here and there when a celeb I liked was one, but never fully invested myself for various reasons. This season I decided to take the plunge, and for no particular reason really. I think the show has had better casts than this, but I guess it made sense now because of this blog.

DWTS also combines some of my favorite things: dancing (a la Grease and Dirty Dancing), fun costumes and celebs. What’s not to love?

Photo: ABC

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The Challenge: Battle of the Exes, Episode 5

I’ve got to tell you, I expected a lot more drama on this season of MTV’s The Challenge. In general the show thrives on drama stemming mostly from drunken hook-ups. So what genius idea did MTV have? Pair up past couples or hook-ups as teammates, of course. Now some couples hooked up once five years ago and have no beef with each other, while others dated for years before things went south.

Surprisingly though, the teams are working pretty well together. It’s like they’ve beat the system and realized the only way to win is to get over their differences. Plus let’s face it, these people will do anything for money, including partnering with an ex, no matter how awkward.

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Midweek Round-Up

This is quite a busy week in television, but I think I say that every week. Rather than going through a long winded recap for each show, here a few of my favorites so far:

Hawaii Five-0
This episode gave me a heart attack within the first two minutes. Obviously the show cannot kill off McGarrett, but the thought of him being seriously injured did not sit well with me. Turns out he was just hit by a car, no big deal. Flashback to the previous day and we see how McGarrett got to this point. Turns out a woman was killed at a charity event after trying to confront the married man who knocked up her sister. I guess he really didn’t want that secret to get out. Besides the murder, a couple key things happened in this episode:

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Super Bowl XLVI

Well the Super Bowl and football season are over. It took a little while to get underway, but it’s done and we football fans have to wait eight long months to see our favorite teams and players take the field again. I happen to be a Redskins fan – yes, we didn’t have the best season, BUT we did happen to beat the Super Bowl Champs twice this year. Just saying…

Anyway, this blog isn’t about sports; it’s about TV. And while we typically DVR shows to fast forward through the annoying commercials, the Super Bowl is the rare occurrence when you actually want to see the ads and creative concepts advertising and marketing teams came up with. Some years the commercials are better than others and sometimes brands just totally miss the mark. This year I was surprised at how long it took for a good commercial to even air. I think it wasn’t until halfway through the first quarter, and probably four or five commercials breaks in, that I finally got a good laugh. There were also a couple of big trends this year: puppies(!), celeb cameos and models.

Let’s take a look at the millions of dollars spent on advertising last night – the good, the bad and the ugly (in no particular order).

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2012 People’s Choice Awards

Ahh, awards season is upon us! First up: the People’s Choice Awards. This particular awards show is a nice way to ease into the season. It covers all mediums, is the least stuffy, tries its hardest to make things fun and, best of all, is voted on by the people.

Note: We’re sharing our picks for who we want to win, not necessarily who we think will win. Enjoy, and let us know in the comments who you’re rooting for!

Favorite Network TV Drama
The Good Wife
Grey’s Anatomy
The Vampire Diaries

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Happy New Year!

Hope everyone had a nice New Year’s – Happy 2012!

We’ve been pretty bad at updating our blog lately; slacking big time. And that’s just not okay. We sincerely apologize. We promise not to let it happen again. In fact, we’ve just made a new New Year’s Resolution: more blogging! To get us started, here’s a list of things we’re looking forward to in 2012:

1. Dexter and Deb NOT getting together
2. Shue and Emma’s wedding
3. Awards season (Golden Globes, SAGs and Oscars, oh my!)
4. Finding out who was shot on Weeds
5. The return of all shows after winter break
6. Midseason shows
7. Carrie waking up and remembering that Sgt. Brody is a terrorist
8. Jess and Nick FINALLY getting together
9. Castle and Beckett FINALLY getting getting over themselves and hooking up
10. Steve McGarret and Danno’s pretty faces
11. Wrapping up the Wo Fat story line. What’s his deal?
12. Cher (Alicia Silverstone) and Elton’s (Jeremy Sisto) reunion
13. Chuck and Blair to live happily ever after
14. Finding out who shot Daniel Grayson?
15. Battle of the Exes

The list can go on forever and ever, but we’ll stop there.

Happy TV watching!
-Katie & Nicole