Castle Finale: Why Is September So Far Away?

WARNING: This post will have MAJOR spoilers. If you haven’t seen the season finale of Castle and plan to watch it, you’ve been warned.

From 10-11pm last night, I was sitting on the edge of my bed closest to my TV with my hands over my mouth. No, I wasn’t watching Hawaii Five-0, though I was told I will have a similar reaction when I watch that finale.

I only started watching Castle a few weeks ago and was instantly hooked. Thanks to Netflix and Hulu Plus, I caught up just in time for the season three finale. I don’t understand how I’m the only person I know who watches this show – it’s AMAZING! But I digress…

I’ve been invested in the Caskett (Castle + Beckett) will they/won’t they relationship since day one as well as the mystery of who killed Beckett’s mom. Both of these story lines have made huge progress this season, leading to this “holy cow” finale! Let’s go over the major moments.

First, Castle goes to Beckett’s apartment to try to stop her from continuing her investigation into her mother’s killer. He says to her, “Walk away. They’re going to kill you, Kate, and if you don’t care about that, at least think about how that’s going to affect the people that love you.” (You know Castle means business when he uses her first name!) This results in a huge fight and touches on the fact that they kissed but never discussed it and nearly froze to death in each others’ arms and never discussed that either. It ends with Beckett telling him they’re over and kicking him out. Heartbreak #1.

Castle and Beckett's long-awaited kiss (S3 E13)

Meanwhile, Ryan and Esposito get a lead on who the third dirty cop involved in Beckett’s mom’s murder is. It doesn’t take them long to realize it’s their own Captain! I have to say, I DID NOT see that coming! Lockwood (the shooter who escaped from prison) tells Captain Montgomery to bring Beckett to an airport hanger so he can kill her. He says Montgomery can either save Beckett or his family, but not both. So as you can imagine, he’s a bit torn.

There was a collective audience heartbreak when we hear Montgomery call Beckett to go to the hanger, but it turns out he does it to bait Lockwood. Montgomery also brings Castle to take Beckett away and make sure she doesn’t get killed when Lockwood arrives. She pleads with Montgomery not to get himself killed and even goes so far as to forgive him for his involvement in what ultimately got her mom killed. Castle literally carries her away kicking, screaming and crying. Heartbreak #2 happened while watching Castle cover her mouth and try to console her while they knew Montgomery was about to die. The only silver lining of Montgomery’s death is that Lockwood was also killed.

The foursome (Castle, Beckett, Ryan and Esposito) all agree to keep Montgomery’s involvement a secret and let him be remembered as a hero. At the funeral, Beckett gives a eulogy that indirectly addresses her own relationship with Castle, thus indicating a make-up of sorts. But then, just when I assume the drama is over, Beckett gets shot! Castle tried to tackle her to the ground but was a second too late. He stands over her with her blood on his hands begging her, “Stay with me!” And then, the moment fans have waited three seasons for, he tells her he loves her. Just before she passes out, it looks as though there’s a faint smile on her face.

Now, the cliffhanger is not the fact that Beckett was shot. Realistically they are not killing of their second lead character, so I’m not worried about that. What I am worried about is whether the declaration of love finally means Caskett will get together! Sadly, I have to wait until September to find out. Heartbreak #3.



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