Castle Recap: “Head Case”

If I learned anything in this episode, it’s that being cryogenically frozen is probably (definitely) not for me.

This week’s case started out strange because there was no body at the murder scene, just a very large pool of blood. After following a lead, the team came across a creepy warehouse-type place that was actually a cryogenics lab. Turns out the victim had an arrangement to be frozen after he died, so the lab’s owner stole his body in order to respect his wishes. I can’t imagine how anyone would think it’s a smart idea to steal a body from a murder scene, or how they could think “respecting the man’s wishes” would take precedence over finding his killer. Clearly the man is a whack job.

Through the investigation the team learned the victim had a brain tumor and had his friend do illegal operations on it in a skeevy hotel room to try to shrink it. When he found out it wasn’t working, he decided to continue his own scientific research until he died, which meant allowing the tumor to annihilate his brain and preventing cryogenics from being an option when he died. His wife wasn’t ok with that because she had big plans to be unfrozen in however many years so they could continue their life together. So she did what any loving wife would do – she shot her husband (I hope you sensed my sarcasm there…). While waiting in her holding cell, she took a cyanide pill that she apparently carried with her in a ring, and the cryogenics lab guy took her body away.

Elsewhere, Alexis didn’t get into Stanford. First she was in denial, even calling the school to tell them they made a mistake. Then boxed up all her trophies and awards deciding she never really earned them. But finally she had a heart to heart with her dad, asking him how he can have a framed rejection letter on his wall and not feel like a failure. He told her it only makes him try harder and that being rejected isn’t failing, quitting is failing. Hopefully she’ll go to college locally so she doesn’t have to leave the show. After all, the Castle/Alexis moments are some of the sweetest ones on the show. But I remember reading an interview with Andrew Marlowe saying that Alexis is going to push the limits this season, so I wonder if she’s going to rebel after this.

Overall I enjoyed the episode, but it wasn’t my favorite. I could’ve used some more Ryan and Esposito, as their bromance is one of my favorites on television. There also weren’t too many Caskett moments either, but I guess every episode can’t have it all. The scenes from next week show that a murder was committed using the gun of someone they know. I’m calling it now: the gun the triple killer stole from Ryan last season is finally making its comeback! I would like to take credit and say I connected these dots all by myself, but actually Seamus Dever talked about his stolen gun coming back into play this season back when the cast was at Comic Con.

So, what did you think of the episode? Did you want more Caskett, or more Ryan and Esposito? Any predictions on what’s next for Alexis?


2 thoughts on “Castle Recap: “Head Case”

  1. Castle has solved scores of mysteries over the past three years, so why doesn’t he just tell that desk-driving Female Captain (who wants to be called “Sir”) to go do some politicing with the NYPD Chief-of-Police or the NYC Police Commissioner? Obviously, she got her rank by making certain she never put her butt in harm’s way!!! The show needs to do two things to become interesting again: murder that worthless police captain and have Castle solve it (and make sure it was her husband who was tired of putting up with her orders) and send his whiny and nasty and mannerless little girl off to college-anyplace off to college! (And by the way, Beckett did not go to Sanford, no Sanford grad would be a NYC cop, they’d go to LA! She meant she went to Samford University in Alabama when Castle thought said she went to Sanford!)

  2. The school is Stanford, not Sanford, but I know what you mean about the Captain and the daughter because both of them are show killers! Amazing that the captain never seems to have much to say in the way of constructive crime solving during the case’s time of sleuthing… Any idiot can say “Get going on this!” You are right she is a politician or she’d have some interesting and mentoring thoughts to pass on to Beckett instead of “Get Hot and make this happen! I gotta get promoted to Major before the front office figures out that the reason I want to be called “Sir” is that I cannot spell, “Ma’am!” His mom is cool, though… Maybe she should be the police captain!?!

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