Castle season finale: Are you satisfied?

Warning: Major spoilers!


So, how about that Castle finale? After some very, very frustrating episodes this season, we finally got some resolution. But, the question is, are you satisfied with how it ended?

The first “oooh!” moment of the episode came when Castle and Beckett were walking to their crime scene. Castle mentioned his plans to watch movies alone after Alexis’ graduation and somewhat timidly asked if she would like to join him. Instead of turning him down, she said she would love to, leading Castle to look quite pleased.

But, the episode was not without its drama. It turns out the victim had broken into Captain Montgomery’s house to steal his old files. The team quickly assumed it had to do with Beckett’s mom’s murder and Beckett’s shooting — and they weren’t wrong. Beckett insisted they keep their investigation a secret from Captain Gates, which Esposito was very willing to do but Ryan didn’t agree with. The mystery man who called Castle earlier in the season about keeping Beckett away from the case called him again with the same warning. Realizing there was no stopping Beckett, Castle went to her apartment to plead his case.

This was the second “oooh!” moment of the show. Castle filled Beckett in on the mystery man, causing Beckett to be angry and feel betrayed. She asked him why he did it, and he told her “Because I love you. But you already know that, don’t you?” (OH SNAP!) She didn’t soften, though. And she didn’t budge on her investigation. So, Castle told her he’s done and they’re over because he doesn’t want to stick around and watch her die. Here’s a clip from the beginning of that scene.

Surprisingly, Castle stuck by his word. He ignored calls from the 12th Precinct as well as one from Beckett, but we’ll get to that later. Esposito and Beckett followed up on a lead — they found out where Beckett’s shooter was living and went to his apartment. Ryan tried to stop them, saying they need back-up, but Esposito said they’re fine. While in the shooter’s apartment, he came home and knocked Esposito out while continuing to fight with Beckett. They ended up on the roof and Beckett was hanging off the ledge by one hand for an unrealistic amount of time. She heard someone yelling her name and thought it was Castle, so she screamed his name back. It was Ryan, though, and he brought Captain Gates with him.

Gates put both Esposito and Beckett on administrative leave indefinitely for their actions. And, in a shocking turn, Beckett took that opportunity to resign completely. I must say, I didn’t see that one coming. She packed up her desk and left. The Ryan/Esposito bromance might be in trouble, though. Ryan told him that he had to do it, but Esposito completely ignored him. I have to say, I agree with Ryan here. Esposito was completely knocked out and wasn’t going to be able to save Beckett from that ledge. Had Ryan done nothing, she would’ve died. It does suck that Esposito got suspended, but Ryan tried to tell him not to do it several times. I think they will ultimately be fine, but I hope it doesn’t take long to reach that point.

But on to the more important stuff. We saw Castle deleting all of his Beckett investigation files from his computer after Alexis’ graduation speech (which was of course very applicable to his situation, too). He ignored a call from Beckett, but soon after that she knocked on his door. He was very cold when he said “Beckett, what do you want?” to which she replied, “You!”

In the third and final “oooh!” moment of the night, she kissed him and profusely apologized. He didn’t give in so easily, though, and instead asked her what happened. She told him her shooter got away and she didn’t care because she almost died and could only think about him. Then, of course, he gave in. As a long-time supporter of Caskett, this was exactly the moment I’ve been waiting for. I managed to find a video of the scene, but I don’t know how long it’ll be online before ABC pulls it down. Take a look while you can.

So, back to the question I posed at the beginning — were you satisfied? Personally, I loved it! There was still a cliffhanger in the form of a new threat on Beckett’s life and the possibly damaged bromance, but at least they answered the will they or won’t they question that has been hanging over the entire season.

I’m curious what you think, so let me know in the comments.


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