The Voice: Live Semi-Final Eliminations

And then there were four!

Tonight, each team got cut in half yet again, and there was no shortage of emotions. Interspersed among the eliminations were performances from last year’s final four – Dia Frampton, Vicci Martinez, Beverly McClellan and Javier Colon. It was weird not hearing feedback from the coaches after they performed, but I guess they’re beyond that now.

The eliminations work the same as last year – both the coach and America has a say in who advances. The coach splits 100 points between his/her two singers, and the scores from America get added to that number to determine who stays and who goes.

First up on the chopping block was Team Christina. She split her points evenly between Chris Mann and Lindsay Pavao. That didn’t surprise me, but I did think it was somewhat of a cop out. With America’s votes added in, Chris had 104 points and Lindsay had 96, meaning Chris is moving the finals and Lindsay went home.


Team Adam was next. He gave Katrina Parker 40 points and Tony Lucca 60 points. He insisted that this didn’t mean he thinks Tony is better; it’s just that he has a better connection with him he wants to see through. I thought that was kind of strange. First, I feel like at this point he shouldn’t really determine his score by who he’s better friends with. He was also talking like his score ensured that Tony was staying and Katrina was leaving. At that point, America could have still saved Katrina. That wasn’t the case, though – Katrina received 92 points and Tony received 108 points, advancing him to the finals.

Next up was Team Blake with Erin Willett and Jermaine Paul. Blake split his points evenly between them and said really nice things about them both. With America’s votes, Erin had 77 points and Jermaine had 123, so Jermaine is advancing to the finals. Interestingly, today is Erin’s birthday. Not the best birthday present, but surely this isn’t the end of her singing career.

Finally, the team with the two strongest singers (in my opinion), Team Cee Lo. I wonder if they saved this team for last for that reason. He said nice things about them both, but honestly I wasn’t listening too carefully because I was anxiously awaiting the scores. Cee Lo gave Jamar Rogers 40 points and gave 60 to Juliet Simms, saying that he wanted to be honest, critical and fair. With America’s votes, Jamar had 79 points and Juliet had 121. Juliet is advancing to the finals. I’m sad to see Jamar go because I really wanted him to win. I really hope some record company snatches him up right away.

So next week, we’ll have a winner! Who do you think it’ll be?


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