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Castle season finale: Are you satisfied?

Warning: Major spoilers!

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So, how about that Castle finale? After some very, very frustrating episodes this season, we finally got some resolution. But, the question is, are you satisfied with how it ended?

The first “oooh!” moment of the episode came when Castle and Beckett were walking to their crime scene. Castle mentioned his plans to watch movies alone after Alexis’ graduation and somewhat timidly asked if she would like to join him. Instead of turning him down, she said she would love to, leading Castle to look quite pleased.

But, the episode was not without its drama. It turns out the victim had broken into Captain Montgomery’s house to steal his old files. The team quickly assumed it had to do with Beckett’s mom’s murder and Beckett’s shooting — and they weren’t wrong. Beckett insisted they keep their investigation a secret from Captain Gates, which Esposito was very willing to do but Ryan didn’t agree with. The mystery man who called Castle earlier in the season about keeping Beckett away from the case called him again with the same warning. Realizing there was no stopping Beckett, Castle went to her apartment to plead his case.

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Is Castle really moving on from Beckett?

Warning: Some spoilers.

Let me go right ahead and answer my own question: No. No he is not.

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After last week’s extremely frustrating episode, I was very optimistic that something would happen this week. I knew better than to hope for an actual declaration of love, but I hoped that at the very least Beckett would find out that Castle knows she remembers everything he said to her when she was shot. No such luck.

Beckett talked to Lainie about how Castle seems different, and Lainie didn’t hesitate to tell her that he won’t wait for her forever. Of course, just when Beckett decided she was going to tell Castle how she feels, he rolled up to a crime scene with a hot blonde. Clearly this girl isn’t important, but she’s certainly an obstacle.

Their case this week focused on a British model who was found in a dingy pay-by-the-hour motel. The case quickly led them to Colin Hunt, a Scotland Yard Detective Inspector (who was pretty easy on the eyes too, I might add). He knew the victim personally and insisted on helping work the case.

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Castle: More ‘Will they or won’t they’ teasing

Warning: Some spoilers from this week’s episode 

I don’t think there has been an episode of Castle that has made me say “I hate this show!” more than this week’s episode. Of coures I don’t actually hate the show at all — in fact, I love it — but talk about a frustrating hour of televison!

I’ve been a big supporter of the Castle/Beckett hookup pretty much since the first episode. I know there’s that whole Moonlighting curse and people worry that the show will lose its spark once the main characters get together, and sometimes I even agree. Take Chuck for instance — I really wanted Chuck and Sarah to get together and I was so happy when it finally happened, but eventually it got boring. Married spies? Come on. That said, I preferred them finally being together than continuing to toy with my emotions. Bones, on the other hand, seems to be fine with their main characters finally being together. Granted, there haven’t been many episodes with them as a couple, but from what I’ve seen it hasn’t ruined the show. Either way, in the case of Castle, they’ve been teasing it for so long that I need it to happen already!

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TV news of the week

There were several big news stories this week relating to TV stars and shows; here are a few of the ones that stood out to me.

Hawaii Five-0’s Alex O’Loughin seeks treatment for prescription pills

This is arguably one of the bigger stories of the week – at least for a Hawaii Five-0/Alex O’Loughlin fan like myself. From what I’ve gathered, Alex developed a bit of a dependence on prescription pain pills after he hurt his shoulder recently. The show is going to stop production while he seeks treatment. They haven’t said how many (if any) episodes he’ll miss as a result, but they are ahead of schedule with filming so I’m hoping the answer is zero. Can you imagine Five-0 without the commander? I sure can’t.

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Happy New Year!

Hope everyone had a nice New Year’s – Happy 2012!

We’ve been pretty bad at updating our blog lately; slacking big time. And that’s just not okay. We sincerely apologize. We promise not to let it happen again. In fact, we’ve just made a new New Year’s Resolution: more blogging! To get us started, here’s a list of things we’re looking forward to in 2012:

1. Dexter and Deb NOT getting together
2. Shue and Emma’s wedding
3. Awards season (Golden Globes, SAGs and Oscars, oh my!)
4. Finding out who was shot on Weeds
5. The return of all shows after winter break
6. Midseason shows
7. Carrie waking up and remembering that Sgt. Brody is a terrorist
8. Jess and Nick FINALLY getting together
9. Castle and Beckett FINALLY getting getting over themselves and hooking up
10. Steve McGarret and Danno’s pretty faces
11. Wrapping up the Wo Fat story line. What’s his deal?
12. Cher (Alicia Silverstone) and Elton’s (Jeremy Sisto) reunion
13. Chuck and Blair to live happily ever after
14. Finding out who shot Daniel Grayson?
15. Battle of the Exes

The list can go on forever and ever, but we’ll stop there.

Happy TV watching!
-Katie & Nicole