The Voice: Live Semi-Final Performances

I’ve been slacking the last couple weeks with this show, and I’ve learned my lesson. It turns out it’s almost impossible to avoid spoilers for The Voice, so this week I decided to watch it live like I used to. Much better, I must say.

A couple things I noticed before the show really got started: Christina opted for her bright red lipstick, which I’m not a fan of. I also don’t like the intense eye shadow or the random tiara, but I guess that doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things. The girls in the audience seemed to be screaming louder than usual for Adam this week. I can’t say I blame them. 🙂

But on to what matters – the performances.

Team Adam’s Tony Lucca kicked the show off with his rendition of “How Do You Like Me Now,” which I loved. I’m a fan of the song in general, but I also thought he did a great job performing it. The judges agreed, too. Christina, of course, talked too much. She really should quit while she’s ahead – Carson cut her off, she called him out, he let her finish, and all she did was say that if the show doesn’t work out for Tony, he and Adam can start a Britney Spears cover band. Not really sure that was the best use of time on a live show, but maybe that’s just me.

Next up was Erin Willett from Team Blake performing “Without You,” by David Guetta. Her version was slower than the original, and I’m not sure I was really feeling it. Although I did like that she put her own spin on it. Objectively, she sang it well, but I was kind of bored during the performance. She was crying by the end of it, so I can appreciate that the song meant something to her. The judges all agreed they liked her performance and thought she sounded great.

The third performance of the night was Team Christina’s Chris Mann, who sang “Ave Maria.” I feel like a uncultured person for saying this, but I wasn’t familiar with this song before tonight. Perhaps I should branch out…but I digress. I think Chris Mann has a beautiful voice, and this song definitely showed that. The only thing that worries me is that I think the person who wins this show is going to need to be something of a pop star. There’s no arguing that Chris can sing, but will he be someone we hear on Top 40 radio stations? Or even a country, rock or rap station? Probably not. And that’s ok, but I’m not sure that it’ll make him the winner of this show. That said, he is definitely getting exposure from this show and deserves to advance – and I hope he does. The judges liked his performance, and Adam said that he lends credibility to the show with a voice like that.  Christina got up on stage to give him a hug (which raised more questions about her outfit, but that’s not the point right now).

Team Cee Lo’s first performer of the night was Jamar Rogers which his performance of “If You Don’t Know Me By Now.” I’m not familiar with this song either, but I liked his performance a lot. I love his enthusiasm and his constantly positive attitude – it’s kind of infectious, I feel. I also love how excited he gets by the positive feedback from the judges. I think I’ve decided that he’s my favorite to win the whole competition. He’s a fantastic singer and performer, and his backstory is so powerful. I would really like to see him win. (Although I wouldn’t mind seeing Tony Lucca win either…this is so difficult!)

Next up was Team Blake’s second performer of the night, Jermaine Paul, who sang Journey’s “Open Arms.” I don’t know this song, and I’m not sure I really like it. He sounded good, but again, I was kind of bored. The judges all liked it, and Adam said “I would like to congratulate you because you are no longer a background singer, my friend.” Regardless of if he wins, that statement is probably true. And Blake said that Jermaine is the guy to beat, which I don’t agree with it. He’s good, but not my favorite.

From Team Adam, Katrina Parker performed “Killing Me Softly.” She sounded good, but I guess everyone sounds good at this stage. The performance didn’t wow me, but I didn’t dislike it either. I have no strong feelings. The judges all said she did great, although Christina did say that she wishes she had made the song a little more her own.

Team Christina’s Lindsay Pavao performed “Skinny Love.” I don’t know this song, but it sounded like something that was right up her alley. It seemed like the right kind of song for her voice, in my opinion. I also liked that she played the guitar during it – it was kind of different for her. She’s still not my favorite of the contestants, but I preferred this performance to some of her past ones. The judges all liked it, and Christina went on stage to hug her.

The final performance of the night was Team Cee Lo’s Juliet Simms, who sang “It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World.”  Cee Lo’s final two are really, really strong. Juliet did a great job, and I honestly can’t imagine which one of them is going to be sent home tomorrow. They’re both just so great. And even though I love Jamar and want to see him win, I don’t want Juliet to have to go home either. Like I said, this is really difficult! But back to this performance – she did a great job, of course. The judges all loved it, not surprisingly. Adam told her she’s the one to beat now, and Cee Lo told her she murdered it (in a good way).

So, based on a combination of America’s votes and the judges’ scores, the remaining eight singers are going to be cut in half tomorrow. I have no idea who is going to be safe because everyone is so good. Apparently last year’s final four will be back, which should be fun. So what do you think – who should stay and who should go?



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