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It’s official: I hate season finales

Warning: finale spoilers ahead!

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I guess that’s not entirely true, I’m just really frustrated by all the cliffhangers. But that’s the idea, right? It seems like lots of finales are happening earlier this year than they usually do. So far we’ve said goodbye (for the summer) to New Girl, Bones, How I Met Your Mother, Hawaii Five-0, Private Practice and Suburgatory, just to name a few. And tonight, Grey’s Anatomy and The Mentalist are both wrapping up. I already know Grey’s is going to be one of the most frustrating finales ever; I’ve come to terms with this. But here’s a run-down of some of the others…

New Girl | Not surprising at all – Nick and Jess still aren’t together. I’m ok with this, though, because I get that it shouldn’t happen right away. I’m just glad Nick didn’t end up moving in with Caroline. If they had ended it with them together I may have screamed.

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Castle season finale: Are you satisfied?

Warning: Major spoilers!

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So, how about that Castle finale? After some very, very frustrating episodes this season, we finally got some resolution. But, the question is, are you satisfied with how it ended?

The first “oooh!” moment of the episode came when Castle and Beckett were walking to their crime scene. Castle mentioned his plans to watch movies alone after Alexis’ graduation and somewhat timidly asked if she would like to join him. Instead of turning him down, she said she would love to, leading Castle to look quite pleased.

But, the episode was not without its drama. It turns out the victim had broken into Captain Montgomery’s house to steal his old files. The team quickly assumed it had to do with Beckett’s mom’s murder and Beckett’s shooting — and they weren’t wrong. Beckett insisted they keep their investigation a secret from Captain Gates, which Esposito was very willing to do but Ryan didn’t agree with. The mystery man who called Castle earlier in the season about keeping Beckett away from the case called him again with the same warning. Realizing there was no stopping Beckett, Castle went to her apartment to plead his case.

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Season Finale: Weeds

Warning: Major spoilers! 

The season finale of Weeds raises one very serious question: Will the show be back for another season? Certainly they can’t finish the show with that finale! But we’ll get to that in a minute…

We left off with Dmitri jacking Heylia and Dean for their MILF weed, causing Silas to reach a boiling point. Assuming Nancy was behind it, he called Jill who then flew to New York to tell Nancy she wants custody of Stevie or else she’ll turn her in to the police. He seemed to immediately regret that decision. Meanwhile, Emma went to Shane’s cop friend, Detective Ouellette, and told him the truth about the Botwins.

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