Is Castle really moving on from Beckett?

Warning: Some spoilers.

Let me go right ahead and answer my own question: No. No he is not.


After last week’s extremely frustrating episode, I was very optimistic that something would happen this week. I knew better than to hope for an actual declaration of love, but I hoped that at the very least Beckett would find out that Castle knows she remembers everything he said to her when she was shot. No such luck.

Beckett talked to Lainie about how Castle seems different, and Lainie didn’t hesitate to tell her that he won’t wait for her forever. Of course, just when Beckett decided she was going to tell Castle how she feels, he rolled up to a crime scene with a hot blonde. Clearly this girl isn’t important, but she’s certainly an obstacle.

Their case this week focused on a British model who was found in a dingy pay-by-the-hour motel. The case quickly led them to Colin Hunt, a Scotland Yard Detective Inspector (who was pretty easy on the eyes too, I might add). He knew the victim personally and insisted on helping work the case.

He was something of a love interest for Beckett, but not in a obstacle kind of way. In fact, Castle creator Andrew Marlowe addressed this in a recent interview with TVLine. I’m glad they didn’t make it into a love triangle situation, but I would’ve been even more glad if Castle and Beckett would’ve addressed the giant elephant in the room.

At the end of the episode, Beckett asked Castle if he had a minute to talk and he completely blew her off because his new lady friend was waiting. This was after hunky Colin asked her out for a drink and she turned him down to do “paperwork.” Beckett seemed taken aback by Castle’s continued interest in the blonde and even told him she didn’t seem like his type. In what was clearly a jab at her, he told her that this girl isn’t complicated which is what he needs right now. Womp womp.

Beckett called Colin back to take him up on the drink offer. And so another episode ended with absolutely nothing being addressed. I’m getting a little tired of this, I must say. The scenes from next week show that Beckett is concerned that she waited too long, and even Ryan and Esposito notice the one dynamic duo now drifting apart.

We’re in the home stretch of the season, so I’m certain that one week soon something will have to happen. But if next week’s episode ends without Beckett finding out the Castle knows her secret, I will be a very unhappy viewer.

Let me know in the comments your thoughts on the Castle/Beckett teasing. Am I overreacting?


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