Time for a New Show!

Now that all the regular season shows have ended, it’s time for all the summer shows to start! I used to not watch many summer shows, but recently I’ve accumulated several on my list of favorites. True Blood, Weeds, Breaking Bad, Man Men…and most recently, Covert Affairs and Franklin & Bash.

But, there’s always room for more! A friend of mine told me she saw a commercial for a new USA Network show starting this week – Suits. After investigating further, I learned it’s about a college drop-out with a photographic memory who inadvertently ends up in job interview a top New York City law firm and gets hired. It stars Patrick J. Adams (you might recognize him from two episodes of Friday Night Lights if you’re very observant) and Gabriel Macht (who I loved as Mandy Moore’s love interest in Because I Said So).

Here’s the trailer so you can check it out!




One thought on “Time for a New Show!

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