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Breaking Bad Episode 3: “Open House”

Warning: This post contains spoilers from Sunday’s episode.

Breaking Bad is just a really amazing show. There’s really no arguing that. Some people find it to be too slow-paced, but I think the payoff in the end is always great, even if it’s hard to deal with week to week. Those who rank it among the greats like The Wire and The Sopranos are really on to something (Full disclosure: I haven’t actually watched The Sopranos, but enough people have told me it’s great that I feel comfortable confirming it).

In this week’s episode, Skylar White showed us that she’s a force to be reckoned with. She insisted that they not give up on buying the car wash from Bogdan, despite the fact that he told her he wanted $20 million for it. Skylar got Saul to send someone to the car wash to pose as an inspector who tells Bogdan he needs to shut down and replace his entire water system. Skylar insists to Walt that Bogdan will call her about buying the car wash, and when he does Skylar changes her offer from $879,000 to $800,000. After initially saying no, Bogdan ultimately accepts. Skylar – 1, Bogdan – 0.

Walt & Skylar meeting with Saul to discuss the car wash situation

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Breaking Bad is Finally Back!

Warning: This post contains spoilers about the season 4 premiere of Breaking Bad.

I recently caught up on – and wrote about – season 3 of Breaking Bad, so thankfully I didn’t have the dreaded year-long wait for season 4. That said, I was just as excited for its return last night as the rest of the world.

In my last post on this show, I know I said I wasn’t 100% sure if Jesse really went through with shooting Gale, but the more I thought about that the more I realized he really didn’t have another choice or any time to wuss out. So I guess it wasn’t surprising to see Jesse really did do it. Instead of running away (it wouldn’t have mattered, everyone on Team Gustavo knew he was going to do it), he sat in his car stunned by his own action and essentially waited to get picked up.

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Are you ready for Breaking Bad Season 4?

Breaking Bad

After an exceptionally long break – one that has left the show and its cast ineligible for Emmy nominations this year – our favorite meth producers are finally coming back! If you’re like me and were late to this television phenomenon, you can catch up on season 3 OnDemand through July 17th. I spent this last weekend watching it, and I must say it was time well spent! For those of you who watched it more than a year ago, or those of you who can’t wait an entire season before Sunday, here’s a refresher!

Season 3 picked up after the plane crash caused by a negligent air traffic controller, who just so happened to be the father of Jane, Jesse’s girlfriend who died of asphyxiation. Walt and Skyler have separated because she figured out how he’s been making all his money. At first she thinks he’s a weed dealer until he admits he actually cooks meth, to which she tells him she won’t turn him in if he grants her a divorce.

Walt has given up his meth cooking ways in an effort to get his family back. He turns down Gustavo’s offer of $3 million for three months of work even after seeing the state-of-the-art lab he would be working in. While this is happening, two Mexican assassins are looking for Walt to kill him as revenge for their cousin Tuco’s death. They’re all set to kill him until they get a message from Gustavo to stand down, as he has unfinished business with Walt.


The two assassins waiting to kill Walt

Walt’s lawyer, Saul, points out that Skyler is bluffing and has no intentions of turning Walt in to the DEA because the blowback on her and her family isn’t worth it. Calling Skyler’s bluff, Walt forcibly moves back into his house causing her to retaliate by sleeping with her boss, Ted.

Jesse, who is still sober after his rehab stint, begins cooking Walt’s meth recipe on his own. Gustavo takes advantage of the rift that this causes to convince him to begin cooking again in that high-tech lab with a new assistant, Gale. Walt then signs Skyler’s divorce papers and moves out, but lets her know that he plans to support his family with his drug money.

Using the blue meth as an excuse, Hank turns down another transfer to El Paso and begins investigating the case obsessively. He manages to tie the blue meth to the RV and Jesse. Remembering that Walt once supposedly bought weed from Jesse, Hank asks Walt if he knows anything about the RV. Walt quickly tracks it down and begins the process of having it destroyed, just as Hank shows up. Thinking quickly, he has Saul call Hank and tell him his wife was in a bad accident. Hank finds out it was fake and assumes Jesse was behind the call. He goes to Jesse’s house and beats him nearly to death, which results in Hank being suspended without pay. Jesse is furious and plans to press charges on Hank. Walk manages to talk him down by offering him a 50/50 partnership in his meth production (bye bye Gale!).

High-tech lab

Walt and Jesse in their new lab.

Meanwhile, the two assassins who wanted to kill Walt are getting antsy again, so Gustavo tells them they can kill Hank, Tuco’s actual killer, even though he was previous off limits because of his DEA status. While in a parking lot, Hank gets an anonymous call that he’s one minute away from being killed. He pins one of the assassin’s legs between two trucks and shoots the other one in the head, only after being shot multiple times himself. Hank survives, but needs physical therapy in order to relearn how to walk. Skyler offers to pay Hank’s physical therapy bills because she’s convinced he was shot because of something involving Walt. She explains the money to her sister by saying Walt developed an underground gambling addiction.

Skyler gets even more involved in Walt’s drug business when she tries to take over the money laundering. Saul tells Walt to buy a laser tag business, but Skyler insists that’s a bad fit for Walt and suggests he buy a car wash instead. Walt points out that the laser tag business would come with a person who is aware of the drug money and is paid to look the other way, and the car wash would not. Skyler offers to be that person for the car wash pointing out that she’s the only person they could really trust. She also tells Walt that she never filed the divorce papers he signed because as long as they’re married, she’ll never have to testify against him.

Gustavo has been making a play for power by killing the head of the drug cartel and offering Walt a year-long meth production deal. Jesse, however, is angry that they’re making such a small amount of money when Gustavo is making $96 million. He starts dating a girl he met in his rehab meetings and soon learns her brother is the kid who killed his friend Combo. Jesse goes to Walt with his plan to poison the men who made an 11-year-old a murderer, but Walt urges him not to do it. He even goes to Gustavo, who promises to no longer use children in his business. Soon after, however, the boy is gunned down and Jesse goes back to plotting his revenge. Walt quickly figures it out and arrives just in time to stop Jesse, but he does so by running the two men over and shooting one of them in the head before telling Jesse to run.

Gustavo, of course, is extremely furious about this, but Walt tells him Jesse is long gone even though he’s actually still in Albuquerque. Gustavo keeps Walt as his producer, with the newly rehired Gale, but is secretly doing so to train Gale to take over so he can kill Walt. Walt figures this out and decides Gale has to be killed, even though Jesse urges him to go to the police and seek witness protection instead. Walt is all set to kill Gale but is picked up by Gustavo’s men before he can do so. He begs for his life and offers to give up Jesse’s location instead. But when he calls Jesse, he tells him he has to be the one to kill Gale. The finale ends with Jesse holding a gun to Gale’s head and pulling the trigger has the screen goes black.


Now, the big question here is did he actually shoot Gale? I think I saw Jesse move his arm before pulling the trigger, which may mean he shot the wall behind Gale rather than Gale himself. This would make sense because Jesse kept saying he didn’t have it in him to kill someone. But if Gale isn’t dead, that means Walt will be killed. Needless to say, I’m very excited to see what happens in the season premiere on Sunday! What do you think Jesse did?