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The Challenge: Battle of the Exes, Episode 5

I’ve got to tell you, I expected a lot more drama on this season of MTV’s The Challenge. In general the show thrives on drama stemming mostly from drunken hook-ups. So what genius idea did MTV have? Pair up past couples or hook-ups as teammates, of course. Now some couples hooked up once five years ago and have no beef with each other, while others dated for years before things went south.

Surprisingly though, the teams are working pretty well together. It’s like they’ve beat the system and realized the only way to win is to get over their differences. Plus let’s face it, these people will do anything for money, including partnering with an ex, no matter how awkward.

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Summer TV Wrap Up

As summer winds down, so do our favorite TV shows. Here is a quick wrap up of how I spent my summer:

Necessary Roughness
I was a little skeptical of Necessary Roughness when it first started, but immediately fell in love with the characters and story. The show begins with the demise of Dr. Dani Santino’s marriage and continues on a crazy path throughout the season for the doc: she deals with her two upset children, takes on a new job as therapist for the local professional football team, and must learn to handle the single life. We’re introduced to Dani’s cheating ex-husband, best friend, new patients and a couple of potential love interests along the way. With two episodes left, it should be interesting to see what develops. Will Dani and Matt finally get together? (that kiss!) Will T.K. get back on track? Will Ray stay out of the picture?

This summer our favorite entourage said goodbye. Mark Wahlberg and the rest of the Entourage crew had a lot of making up to do this season after last year’s downfall. I know people that refused to even watch the final episodes after the disaster we witnessed previously. But luckily, Entourage picked up the pieces. For some characters it took all season, while others met their fates earlier on. Turtle gets his restaurant, Johnny gets a hit TV show and new movie deal, Eric finds out he and Sloan are having a baby and rekindle their romance, Ari and Mrs. Ari (Melissa!) move forward as husband and wife, and Vince, well, he’s Vince, riding off into the sunset with his boys (and new fiancé!) in tow. It was a great ride, entertaining eight years, and I sure will miss my favorite boys from Queens. That is of course, until the movie.

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The Challenge: Rivals Reunion

For the most part, I felt this challenge was pretty weak. Yes, there was drama. Yes, there were exciting challenges. But for whatever reason, I could never really get into it. I guess when I heard MTV was bringing in these big time rivals, I expected more. The interesting thing is, I thought the reunion show was fairly tame too.

Once again hosted by Maria Menounos, we were reunited with teammates Evelyn & Paula, Jenn & Mandi, Laurel & Cara Maria, Leroy & Mike, Tyler & Johnny, Wes & Kenny, and Adam & C.T. The reunion show recapped the season, discussed the fights, explored the romances and left us with new rivals. Here is a rundown of what we learned last night:

Overarching Points

  • Mike and Leroy are rookie superstars
  • After eight long and tumultuous seasons, Paula finally wins one… and was more excited about bragging rights than the money!
  • Mr. Beautiful, Kenny, lost his mojo, yet showed up BIG in the challenge. Thank you, Wes for the best clip in Challenge history.
  • Jenn and Mandi both feel bad for letting the other down
  • All rival teammates were friends at the end… minus maybe Wes & Kenny
  • C.T., the nice guy?
  • Viewers can always count on two things – fights and flings!
    • The Challenge: Rivals – Finale

      This week’s episode is the moment we’ve all been waiting for: the final challenge. And leave it to MTV to top themselves once again in what is the longest final in challenge history. Partners had to work their way from check point to check point, slowly creeping up the mountain, until they reach T.J. at the end. To make matters worse, both Jenn and Tyler were suffering from food poisoning – they couldn’t keep anything down, were seriously dehydrated and overall at a huge disadvantage.

      The show picked up right where last week left off with phase 1 of the challenge underway. Teams had to kayak three miles to a beach where they found the next check point. To keep some distance between teams, not crowd the playing field and probably keep things fair, the guys started a little while after the girls.

      Here are the finalists:
      Johnny & Tyler
      Wes & Kenny
      Leroy & Mike
      Jenn & Mandy
      Laurel & Cara Maria
      Evelyn & Paula

      After the kayak race Evelyn & Paula had a slight lead over Laurel & Cara Maria, while Jenn & Mandy weren’t even close. On the boys side of things, Wes & Kenny spent a good portion of the three miles turning in circles, arguing of course. Once getting the kayak under control, they eventually pass Johnny & Tyler. Poor newbies Leroy & Mike don’t stand a chance. After the first phase of the competition it was safe to say who third place was going to be for both the guys and girls…

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      The Challenge: Rivals, Week 8

      Spoiler alert: This post includes details from the elimination round. If you haven’t already seen it, you’ve been warned.

      This was quite an episode! And boy, was there drama – from the minute the show began to the minute it ended, the craziness didn’t stop. One by one, cast members literally lost their minds.

      What better way to celebrate a trip to Argentina than a toga party? Like any other Challenge party, there was a LOT of drinking, a LOT of making out and a LOT of… whipping? This would only happen on MTV. The party turned from awesome and fun to weird and miserable really quickly.

      Mike was the first to lose his cool. After the toga party, the boys decide it’s a good idea to throw cookies at Mike while he’s in bed sleeping. He loses it! Yells, screams, storms out of the room, etc. To make matters worse, Mike gets angry at Leroy for not defending him because “they are boys.” Poor Mike sleeps in the pool house.

      The next day, the cast arrives in Argentina and are dropped off at an amazing villa, similar to your typical real world houses. Once again, more people completely lose their minds – Evelyn climbs a pillar inside the house, Paula and Kenny wrestle, Tyler and Cara Maria scream for no reason, pillow fights ensue, mattresses get thrown; basically Argentina is chaos.

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      The Challenge: Rivals, Week 6

      Spoiler alert: This post includes details from the elimination round. If you haven’t already seen it, you’ve been warned.

      Last night’s episode of The Challenge was pretty eventful – we saw some drama in the love department and the mob finally begins to crumble. We all knew it was coming. Read on for more.

      The Challenge – “Catch & Release

      It always amazes me how many people on these challenges are afraid of heights – you would think by now they would either have gotten over it or wouldn’t sign up to compete anymore.  With Catch & Release, teammates had to face their fears one more time. One partner was suspended 30 feet above the water. The second partner starts on a platform and had to run and jump to their teammate; grabbing on and swinging across the water. Once they thought they were far enough, they pulled the release. When the team hit the water, they had to swim as fast as possible to the finish buoy. This challenge was all about timing – teams needed to swing far, but not too far.

      Jenn and Mandi get to pick the order since they won the last challenge. And even though Mandi has a thing with C.T. and Jenn has a thing with Adam, they put them first to not mess with their alliance. Mandi is hesitant, but Jenn says they have to do it no matter what. So once again, C.T. & Adam go first, setting the pace for the other teams.

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      The Challenge: Rivals, Week 5

      Spoiler alert: This post includes details from the elimination round. If you haven’t already seen it, you’ve been warned.

      It’s interesting how the more I write these blogs, the less enjoyable the challenge has become for me. I’ve spent so much time taking notes and analyzing that the things I’ve always loved about the show has somehow disappeared.

      Anyway this week’s show started out like any other – DRAMA. This was a weird episode with lots of twists and turns. Here is how it all went down:

      The Challenge – “Against the Current”
      Let me start by saying this challenge looks freaking awesome and so much fun; like a ride at an amusement park! I think for the first time this season, this is a legit challenge, but it isn’t scary, just well, challenging.

      Teams started out paddling their kayaks upstream as hard as they can, without getting pushed out of the zone. Once out of the zone, the kayak had to be turned around, so teams could then paddle towards the finish line. Calculating the results of this challenge seemed a little tricky to me at first, but basically the time fighting the current was deducted from time spent bobbing the rapids. The team with lowest accumulated time wins the challenge. Players that fell out of the kayak, which was inevitable, had 30 seconds to get back to the boat or they were automatically disqualified. This week the girls faced elimination; guys had $2,000 up for grabs. Since Johnny & Tyler won the last challenge, they get to pick order and obviously put CT & Adam first.

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