It’s official: I hate season finales

Warning: finale spoilers ahead!


I guess that’s not entirely true, I’m just really frustrated by all the cliffhangers. But that’s the idea, right? It seems like lots of finales are happening earlier this year than they usually do. So far we’ve said goodbye (for the summer) to New Girl, Bones, How I Met Your Mother, Hawaii Five-0, Private Practice and Suburgatory, just to name a few. And tonight, Grey’s Anatomy and The Mentalist are both wrapping up. I already know Grey’s is going to be one of the most frustrating finales ever; I’ve come to terms with this. But here’s a run-down of some of the others…

New Girl | Not surprising at all – Nick and Jess still aren’t together. I’m ok with this, though, because I get that it shouldn’t happen right away. I’m just glad Nick didn’t end up moving in with Caroline. If they had ended it with them together I may have screamed.


Bones | UGH. Super frustrating. I think my issue with Bones is that this is the first season I watched as it was airing as opposed to catching up on Netflix. I’ve always had the luxury of jumping right into the next season after a finale, but this time I have to suffer with the masses. The creepy tech guy is still out there and has successfully framed Bones for murder. So she did was any rational, educated scientist who’s dating an FBI agent would do – she ran. I read an interview with the creator and he explained that she did this to protect her family, and she didn’t tell Booth because it would’ve implicated him. I guess it kind of makes sense, but I don’t like it. That same interview did say that she’ll be back at the Jeffersonian by the end of the first episode next season, so I guess it’ll be ok?


How I Met Your Mother | I wasn’t completely frustrated with this finale. We got to meet baby Erickson, who happens to have the name of a 90-year-old man – Marvin. But I kinda like it. We still don’t know who the mother is (shocker), but Ted did run off with Victoria on her wedding day. (Informal poll: Do we think she’s the mother?) The biggest piece of information we got was the identity of Barney’s future wife – it’s Robin! I kind of expected that even though I secretly hold out hope that she’s the mother. I guess I need to let that go. Even though we know they’ll be together, next season isn’t picking up with that. Apparently Robin will have a new love interest and Barney will still be engaged to Quinn.


Hawaii Five-0 | Oh boy! First of all, McGarrett finally came back from rehab Japan, and just in time because I really missed his face. This finale ended like you might expect an action-packed drama to end – completely answerless! Kono was tossed off a boat with her hands and feet bound and her mouth taped shut, so she has her work cut out for her. On the one hand, she has to escape, right? But on the other, how could she possibly Houdini herself out of that? Chin’s wife was shot (I think?), but it looks like she’ll live. Danno decided he would drag his ex-wife through the mud if she tries to take Gracie to Vegas. And finally, we now know the identity of Shelburne. My mother called this months ago – it’s McGarrett’s mom. That’ll certainly make for an interesting season premiere…


Private Practice | I didn’t mean to start watching this show – in fact, I haven’t seen any of the other seasons (aside from an episode or two here and there). But, my roommate got me hooked (not that that’s hard to do). Amelia had her baby and the doctors decided to go against legal advisement and donate his organs. Pete was arrested for murder but is out on bail, for now. Cooper’s son, Mason, nearly brought me to teas when he told Charlotte he wants to call her “Mama.” And Addison has found herself in quite the love triangle/pickle, which I’m told is normal for this show. She and Jake finally got together and made plans to meet up later in the evening for dinner. She went home to see her baby and also received a marriage proposal from Sam. She was smiling like it’s a good thing while Jake was driving over with take out and flowers. Who will she pick?!


Suburgatory| For a comedy, this show got a little heavy in the finale. Mother’s Day in Chatswin made Tessa realizes she missed her mother, and she felt hurt with Dallas was more concerned with seeing Dalia than her. At the very end, Tessa’s grandmother showed up at her house, and her voiceover alluded to her using this as a way out of the ‘burbs.

As I mentioned, the finales for Grey’s and The Mentalist are on tonight, and next week Glee will end too. While I’m sad the shows are wrapping up, it does mean the start of summer TV! I think I might do the unthinkable and try to quit some of my summer shows. We’ll see if that actually happens.


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