Castle: More ‘Will they or won’t they’ teasing

Warning: Some spoilers from this week’s episode 

I don’t think there has been an episode of Castle that has made me say “I hate this show!” more than this week’s episode. Of coures I don’t actually hate the show at all — in fact, I love it — but talk about a frustrating hour of televison!

I’ve been a big supporter of the Castle/Beckett hookup pretty much since the first episode. I know there’s that whole Moonlighting curse and people worry that the show will lose its spark once the main characters get together, and sometimes I even agree. Take Chuck for instance — I really wanted Chuck and Sarah to get together and I was so happy when it finally happened, but eventually it got boring. Married spies? Come on. That said, I preferred them finally being together than continuing to toy with my emotions. Bones, on the other hand, seems to be fine with their main characters finally being together. Granted, there haven’t been many episodes with them as a couple, but from what I’ve seen it hasn’t ruined the show. Either way, in the case of Castle, they’ve been teasing it for so long that I need it to happen already!

Castle finally found out that Beckett remembers everything from her shooting. She was interrogating a suspect and didn’t know Castle was watching behind the glass. What annoyed me was that he didn’t say anything to her about it! I found that to be the most frustrating thing about the episode. He just made vague references that flew right over her head, which also kind of surprised me. I feel like the thought should’ve at least crossed her mind that maybe he heard what she said.

The scenes from next week show Beckett talking to Lanie about how Castle is pulling away. Lanie said he’s probably tired of waiting, and Beckett asks if she should tell him how she feels. The catch, of course, is that he appears to have a love interest slash obstacle. I don’t want to let myself get too excited because I’m sure the hour will go by without a Castle/Beckett love admission. (Side note: I also want to see Lanie and Esposito get back together because I thought they were super cute, but that’s a conversation for another post).

My bet: It’s going to drag out until the finale (at the earliest), and Beckett will find out that Castle was pursuing her mom’s case behind her back. They haven’t mentioned this beyond that one episode early in the season, but I imagine it’ll have to come back up soon.

What do you think about Castle and Beckett getting together? What what do you think about all the teasing?


2 thoughts on “Castle: More ‘Will they or won’t they’ teasing

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