The 84th Annual Academy Awards

In the weeks leading up to the Oscars, people have been predicting who will show up, who will win and what people will wear. It’s the last major award show of the season, which means the stars (usually) bring out the big guns in terms of fashion. Here’s our rundown of the styles and the winners.

The Fashion

Nicole’s favorites

Jessica Chastain – This one is no surprise, as everyone on the red carpet was talking about how great she looked. I was surprised that I actually liked her dress because the gold and black combination isn’t usually a favorite of mine. Everything about her look was perfect though – her dress, her hair, her jewelry. And how cute was it that she brought her grandma with her?

Michelle Williams – I must say I was pleasantly surprised with her pick. She’s usually someone whose dress I either don’t like or don’t have an opinion on. This dress was perfect. I loved the tiers and the color, and it looked great on her. I’m not sure why the back wasn’t the same color, but I didn’t hate that either.

Emma Stone – Emma has done no wrong this entire awards season! I loved what she wore to the Golden Globe Awards and to the SAG Awards, so I had high hopes for her Oscar dress. Several people said she took a major risk by wearing a dress so similar to the one Nicole Kidman wore a few years ago, but I honestly don’t see what the issue is. The dress is similar in some ways and different in others. I don’t think it matters – Emma looked amazing!

Kristen Wiig – Unlike Emma Stone this season, I haven’t loved anything Kristen has worn until this one. The more I saw it, the more I liked it. The weaved pattern of the bodice was really nice, and I liked how the bottom was frilly and poufy, but not over the top. I think she definitely saved the best dress for the last show.

Penelope Cruz – I didn’t see her until the very end of the preshow, so I had to shuffle my list around a bit. I loved this dress! I’m a big fan of purple, and this was a great shade, especially for her skin tone. And I loved the cut. I’m sad that she cut her hair off though. I didn’t like the way she had it styled – maybe if it was different it would look better. But the dress was so nice I didn’t let the hair ruin it for me.

Katie’s favorites

Milla Jovovich – Let me start off by saying that this awards season I didn’t see a lot of dresses that I absolutely loved, but this was one blew me away. WOW! She looked gorgeous and the dress was movie star glam perfection. Now this is an Oscars dress people, take some hints for next year!

Emma Stone – Can this girl do wrong? She’s had some great looks this award’s season and last night’s may be my favorite. A lot of people said the dress looked too much like Nicole Kidman’s from a couple years ago, but thought it looked great and don’t even remember Nicole’s dress. After looking Nicole’s up I understand the concern, but the colors are different and Emma’s has more detail. An all around hit if you ask me.

Angelina Jolie – Now I’m usually not a fan of anything Angie wears, and yes that may be because I don’t like her as a person, but I loved her dress and thought she looked great. It was pretty simple with a killer slit. Some people thought it was too much leg, but I think she pulled it off well. I could have done without her posing on stage while presenting the award, but that’s a whole other story.

Natalie Portman – I thought Natalie looked great! The dress was a little boring and too simple for Oscar, but I still loved it. I think it fit her perfectly and the diamond necklace was just enough to kick the look up a notch. And to think she ready to pop at last year’s awards.

Octavia Spencer – Her dress was gorgeous! I know it can be hard for plus-sized girls to find gowns that work for their body, but this couldn’t have been more perfect for her. Frankly, Melissa McCarthy, who I love, may want to take some cues! The dress fit Octavia really well and the color was great on her. I loved the train and the beading, too. Overall it was just really flattering for her shape.

Kristen Wiig – All awards season, Kristen has kept her dresses pretty simple and I’ve been a big fan of each of them. The Fashion Police may not agree, but I think she looks great. The dress fits her well and the color works well with her skin tone. And I love the material and layers at the bottom. She looks surprisingly comfortable for a red carpet event.

Ellie Kemper – I’ve always lived by the fashion motto of the more glitter the better! Starting at a young age I was drawn to the sparkling dresses and boy did Ellie shine. This dress is amazing and I want to take it home. The color was perfect and somehow matched her hair well. I think this was such a fun choice.

Nicole’s honorable mentions

Natalie Portman – I didn’t get a good look at her dress until she presented, but I really liked it. It was simple, which seems to be her thing, but the polka dots added a little something to it.

Cameron Diaz – I’m not too sure why she was at the show, but I liked her dress a lot. I think moved really nicely when she walked, which is an important quality in a dress.

Nicole’s least favorites

Shailene Woodley – This dress was too 1960s – and not in a good way – for my taste. The high neckline and the long sleeves were a bit overwhelming on her, I think. She said she chose it because it was different and “so very” her, but I think she could’ve chosen better.

Judy Greer – I’m not a fan of the skinny maxi dress, in general, and this one didn’t change my mind. It’s an example of the gold (or was it silver?) and black combination that I don’t usually like. And I think the black line down the middle didn’t help.

Rooney Mara – This might be an unpopular opinion since she made several best dressed lists almost immediately, but I didn’t love this dress. It certainly wasn’t awful, but it was kind of a letdown. I know I made this comment about her Golden Globes dress, but she wore so many great dresses on the Dragon Tattoo press tour that I was really hoping for something better. And that very visible zipper down her butt did not help things.

Jennifer Lopez – I was surprised at how many people were tweeting about loving this dress. I was not a fan. I didn’t like the angled stripe look, and I really didn’t like the open slits on the sleeves. There was a sheer fabric over the openings that bunched awkwardly when she moved her arms; it didn’t do anything for her.

Gwyneth Paltrow – I think the cape really threw her look off for me; I didn’t really get its purpose. She took it off when she presented, and I actually liked the dress a lot, but the damage of the cape had already been done.

Katie’s least favorites

Michelle Williams – The people loved it, I hated it. This dress is definitely Michelle’s style and matches what she’s done all awards season, so I’m sure it was the right choice for her, but to me its just blah. The color worked well for her, but what’s with the skirt thing? I may have liked the dress without that, but then I saw the back. AWFUL! Nude? It doesn’t even match!

Jessica Chastain – Everyone on the red carpet was raving about this dress and I just didn’t see what all the fuss was about. I think the colors worked for her skin tone and hair color, but overall it was just plain ugly. Honestly, I think because people thought she looked so great, they may have let the dress slide a little bit.

Viola Davis – This is another dress that everyone else seemed to love, but me. I think the color was wrong on her, the dress didn’t fit on top and none of the sections matched. It’s like the designer just pieced random material together and hoped for the best; there was no cohesiveness to the dress at all.

Stacy Keibler – And again, here’s another one that others loved that I just hated. I had really high hopes for Stacy, I mean she is George’s girl after all. She looked like the Oscar statue for one, so at least George still got to take an award home, but that flower on her hip? Hideous! It looks like there was just too much material and they didn’t know what to do with it.

Sandra Bullock – Just bad, Sandy. There is nothing good I can say about this dress. Sandra looks pretty – good hair and makeup – but this was a bad, bad choice. It fits poorly, the detail around the waist is awful, just not good. The low back was the only thing that may have saved the dress, but there was too much bad to overcome.

Shailene Woodley – How matronly does this 20 year old girl look? Its just awful. And on the red carpet she was gushing about how much she liked it… I don’t understand. Unfortunately for Shailene, she’s been a fashion miss all awards season. I’ll let it slide since its her first rodeo, but I expect a lot more in the future.

Nicole’s unsure pick

Viola Davis – I went from disliking to loving to being unsure of Viola’s dress. At first it kind of looked leathery, which I didn’t love. Then I realized it wasn’t leather and was actually quite nice. But by the end I was unsure again. I liked the beading on the bust, and I loved the chiffon at the bottom. I even loved the green, but I think the look of the middle section – as plain as it was – is what caused issues for me. What did you think of her dress?

Katie’s Miscellaneous

Jennifer Lopez – I don’t really have an opinion on this dress, but do want to mention the wardrobe malfunction. Her team and stylist are denying anything happened, saying what we all thought we saw was just a shadow from the dress, but I think we all know better. Come on, J.Lo! This is the Academy Awards!

Penelope Cruz – I have a love/hate relationship with her dress. I absolutely love the color and even the dress from the waist down, but it looked like she was going to the prom. The top was cut weird and I think ruined what could have been a great dress.

Rooney Mara – I like that she brightened up for the Oscars instead of her typical black, but I cant decided how I feel about this one. In fact, I really thought this was a miss until I saw the back, which was awesome. I think I’m still on the fence here…

The Winners

Nicole: I was at a bit of a disadvantage this year because I haven’t seen most of the movies that were nominated. Hugo and The Artist were clearly the big winners, and I was actually very happy to see Jean Dujardin win Best Actor. I know nothing about him or his movie, but I’ve grown to really like him through his interviews at the various award shows (I know that’s not a reason to choose a winner, but I don’t have much to work with!) I was also very happy that A Separation, the Iranian film, won Best Foreign Language Film. The one shocker of the night for me was that Viola Davis didn’t win Best Actress. There’s no denying that Meryl Streep is amazing – I don’t even have to see her movie to know that – but I was certain Viola had it in the bag. I’m a little worried that she might have been certain too.

Katie: I’ve found this award’s season to be a bit boring in terms of winners, and the Oscars were no different. I wish I would have seen more movies, maybe that would have helped, but there just wasn’t much interest. Typically the awards shows leading up to the Academy Awards are a good gauge for who will take away the statue and this year was no different for the most part. I was THRILLED to see Octavia Spencer win for Best Supporting Actress. I thought she was amazing in The Help. And I think Viola Davis was snubbed, although she didn’t sweep the earlier awards, so Meryl Streep wasn’t a total shocker. I was secretly hoping Jonah Hill would win for Best Supporting Actor, but I’m glad an acting great like Christopher Plummer finally got to win one after all these years. Plus, he’s speech was pretty funny. Also, I thought Billy Crystal did a great job. I’m glad they could convince him to host the show again. I’m not sure if Eddie Murphy would have done so well.


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