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Castle Recap: “Kick the Ballistics”

The much-awaited resurfacing of 3XK finally arrived. Well, sort of. We didn’t see the man, but we certainly saw the ramifications of his actions.

In case you forgot, 3XK was a serial killer from last season who knocked Ryan out and stole his gun and badge. They never mentioned him again after that, but this week Castle said he has spent a year thinking about him and wondering when he would pop up. This week’s murder victim was a college student who spent all her free time tutoring people for extra money, and it turns out she was shot with Ryan’s stolen weapon.

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Comic-Con: Castle [UPDATED]

As you’ve probably noticed by now, I was very into Comic-Con this year. And while I was beyond excited for multiple panels, the Castle panel was my number one. I’ve been patiently waiting all weekend for someone to upload videos from the panel to YouTube, but so far it hasn’t happened. Someone who was at the panel was streaming it live from their cellphone, so I watched that video, but the quality was not ideal. I guess beggars can’t be choosers though, right?

Based on the TwitCasted video, along with various articles online, I’ve learned some interesting tidbits about what’s coming up on season four.

  • There’s going to be a Ghostbusters-themed Halloween episode
  • The second episode of the season will be super hero-themed
  • Detective Ryan and his fiancee, Jenny, will be getting married this season! This means a bachelor party and a fight over who will be the best man
  • Nathan Fillion said he’s campaigning for juicy roles for Firefly cast members to play
  • We may get to meet Castle’s father!

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