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The Voice: Live Shows, Week 1

Yesterday marked the start of The Voice’s live shows. All six team members from Team Christina and all six from Team Blake performed while Team Cee Lo and Team Adam got to sit back and assess their competition.

Photo: 961kiss.com

The episode proved to be interesting before anything even happened. First of all, Adam Levine’s shaved head was doing really great things for him. That man just never looks bad, I’ve decided. Cee Lo, however, opted for a laced up V-neck shirt (if you can call it that) and a wig. This look was doing nothing for him, but it was amusing. In fact, he barely said anything without laughing at himself. And finally, I don’t know what Christina Aguilera has been up to during the filming break, but she looked AMAZING! Good for you, Christina. Good for you.

Team Blake and Team Christina alternated performances, but for ease of reading this, I’ll cover one team at a time.

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Castle Recap: “Eye of the Beholder”

After the lack of Caskett sexual tension in last week’s episode, we were given a double dose of it this week! There’s something about a jealous Beckett that I just can’t get enough of.

This week’s case focused on a $50 million dollar piece of art called the Fist of Capitalism, which was stolen from a museum. Well, actually, it focused on the murder that happened as a result of a theft, but the piece of art was an important factor. The museum’s insurance investigator, Serena Kaye, offered her services to help solve the case because she wanted her 1% finder’s fee. Beckett turned her down, but the captain overruled her so Serena was on the team.

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Dexter Recap: “Once Upon a Time”

Warning: Spoilers

This week, we met Brother Sam (played by guest star, Mos), we saw more of Travis’ creepiness, Deb had two very surprising offers and we got our weekly fix of baby Harrison!

After drawing religious conclusions from last week’s murder victim, Miami Metro brought Brother Sam in for questioning. He’s an ex-con who owns a car shop staffed with other ex-cons because he believes in second chances. Dexter, not entirely convinced, decided to do some investigating of his own. He drove into a dumpster so he could go to the shop and get an estimate for the damage/chat up Brother Sam. Later that night, he followed Brother Sam to a house, heard a gunshot and watched Sam put a body in his trunk. Dexter followed him back to the body shop where a dog looked ready to eat his face before Sam saw him. Always quick to think on his feet, Dexter said he was there to get something he left in his car. It turns out that guy in Sam’s trunk wasn’t dead, and the shot was aimed at Sam. Some thugs came by to pick up their friend (the one from the trunk), but Dexter beat one up and threatened the rest by saying he’s with Miami Metro. I’m beginning to think Dexter and Brother Sam might become friends this season. But, to be fair, Dexter was also friends with Miguel, Trinity and Jordan Chase, and that didn’t end well for any of them.

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Season Premiere: Dexter

Warning: Spoilers!

Dexter is finally back! And it only took 293 days (not that I’ve been counting…). Season 6 jumped ahead a year, so Lumen is long gone, Deb and Quinn are still going strong, Harrison is getting ready for preschool and Dexter is on a roll with his killing.

LaGuerta and Batista are officially divorced but seem to be on good terms, as she got promoted to Captain and plans to recommend him for her Lieutenant position. The fact that he thinks his promotion is a given pretty much tells me it’s not going to happen. Masuka was convinced LaGuerta and Deputy Chief Matthews were having an affair, but in reality she secured her new position by blackmailing him. I think it’s safe to say LaGuerta hasn’t really earned anything she’s gotten in her career – after all, she only became Lieutenant because Dokes kept a secret. But I digress…

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