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Hawaii Five-0: Father and son reunite on the small screen

I love when real world connections pop up on TV or in movies, so when I heard James Caan was going to guest star on his son’s show, I was very excited (to say the least). I found it surprising that he didn’t play Danno’s father since the Caan men share quite a resemblance, but it was almost better this way.

Papa Caan played Tony Archer, an ex-New York bomb squad cop who retired to Hawaii – and lost all desire to wear shoes. He was good friends with the murder victim of the week, who happened to be a very well-liked radio personality. Five-0 tracked Tony down because they found his fingerprints on the DJ’s audio board, making him a suspect.

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Hawaii Five-0: Gracie got kidnapped!

Warning: Spoilers!

Hawaii Five-0 always manages to make my blood pressure rise. If I’m being honest, it’s a combination of the stressful situations and the hotness of McGarrett 🙂

Usually I read the summaries before each episode so I know what to expect, but I didn’t do that this week and was blindsided to find out that Gracie was kidnapped! I was holding out hope that she wouldn’t go with the creeper cop because she knew better than to talk to strangers, but that silly tennis coach of hers gave her the vote of confidence she needed. I hope someone punched that man.

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The Mentalist Recap: “Where in the World is Carmine O’Brien?”

This week we finally got a look into the personal life of Lisbon by meeting one of her brothers, Tommy, and his teenage daughter, Annie. We could tell how long it had been since Lisbon saw them by the way that she insisted on calling Annie by her full name, Annabeth.

This week’s murder victim was the police chief who was found with three bullet wounds and her abandoned cruiser nearby. They only found one bullet casing and Jane quickly discovered that she hadn’t been the last person to drive her car because the seat was too far back. They found a pool of blood in the trunk and realized she must’ve been shot twice elsewhere, presumed dead and then shot one final time. A uniformed cop who seemed to be close with her helped the CBI with the case. I was a little suspicious of him at first because he seemed a bit too distraught and eager to help.

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The Mentalist Recap: “Blood and Sand”

This week’s murder took the team to San Felix Island off the coast of California, a place where there’s no doctor and everyone seems to hate the mainland. The victim was a 19-year-old girl named Talia who had been in and out of foster care as a kid. The residents on the island insisted she drifted from the mainland and that no one there knew the girl, but Jane quickly discovered that she was definitely killed on the island based on the tide and location they found the body.

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The Mentalist Recap: “Ring Around the Rosie”

Warning: This post contains spoilers from the end of season 3, so if you haven’t seen it yet be warned! 

It took longer than expected, but I’m finally all caught up on The Mentalist! Let me backtrack for a second before I get into this week’s episode. Last season ended with a face off of sorts between Patrick and Red John (played by Bradley Whitford, who I love!). After Red John told Patrick things about his wife and child that only Red John would know (specifically, how they smelled the night he killed them), Patrick was certain it was him and killed him in the middle of the mall. This season picked up with Patrick in jail and the whole team disassembled/punished for letting Patrick kill a seemingly innocent man. It turns out that man was a kidnapper, so he wasn’t innocent, but Patrick realized it wasn’t Red John after all. One other major thing from last season: Van Pelt’s fiancé turned out to be Red John’s inside man at the CBI. He tried to kill her and Lisbon, so she shot him and killed him first.

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Season Premiere: Hawaii Five-0

Warning: MAJOR spoilers ahead!

O-M-G is all I can say after last night’s episode! I really didn’t think it was going to be possible to top last season’s finale, but wow, they’ve done it. The suspense, the twists, the turns… they’re all back.

The premiere picked up one week after McGarrett’s arrest for supposedly killing the Governor, so we don’t miss much in those couple of days, and the Five-0 team gets us caught up quickly. McGarrett is in jail, Chin is working as lieutenant for HPD, Kono is suspended and Danno is trying desperately to save his partner.

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Season Premiere: How I Met Your Mother

Last season, HIMYM ended with the pretty shocking revelation that Barney is getting married. Of course, in keeping with the secretive theme of the show, we’re most likely not going to find out who he’s marring until the end of the season.

Tonight’s hour-long (or rather, two half-hours back to back) premiere picked up at Barney’s wedding and immediately flashed back to “the worst wedding” the gang has ever been to. It turns out Ted gave speeches at several of his friends’ weddings, but they always happened to fall at bad times in his life. Thus, he was always a crybaby mess during his speeches. Punchy, his high school friend whose wedding he is now getting ready to speak at, posted all the videos online and was hoping he would break down at his wedding as well. More on that in a minute.

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