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This Week on TV

Modern Family: “Hit and Run”

Claire decided to run for city council, leaving Phil in charge of the kids. He punched Luke in the face and gave Alex drowsy medicine when she needed to study for a test, so Claire ultimately decided she shouldn’t leave him alone with the kids. Hayley also managed to lose $900 of other people’s money who had paid for fake IDs, but Jay was determined to help her out of the pickle (more on that in a minute) Mitch and Cam got into a fight about Cam’s aggressiveness, such as getting into fights with other fathers in movie theaters and trying to chase down hit and run drivers. Mitch ended up being the aggressive one, though, when he went with Jay, Phil and Cam to get Hayley’s $900 back.

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This Week on TV

New Girl: “Wedding”

The roomies had a wedding to attend, so Jess posed as Nick’s girlfriend since Caroline was going to be there. Jess and Nick succeeded in making Caroline jealous, which then caused Caroline to flirt with him incessantly. Nick fell back under her spell until he found out she has a new boyfriend, leading him to spend the rest of the evening sulking in the photo booth. Schmidt always ends up hooking up with Gretchen at weddings, despite the fact that they hate each other. He attempted to hook up with Brooke by pretending to be a recovering alcoholic, but that didn’t work out and he ultimately ended up with Gretchen. Winston was the usher at the wedding, but since he was a little late, the alternate usher showed up. He happened to be a child, and very feisty one at that. By the end of the night, Jess had peptalked Nick out of the photo booth and the four of them did the chicken dance to a slow song, which was a very entertaining sight.

Favorite quotes from this episode:

  • “I really just want to get in there and ush this wedding in the face.” – Winston
  • “We’re not trying to be mean, we just don’t want you to be yourself. In any way.” – Schmidt
  • “I’m gonna need you to put vodka in a water bottle, and then rendezvous with me in the restroom, ok?” – Schmidt
  • Jess: “Your head is shaped like a yam.”  Nick: “Yeah I know, I can’t wear soft hats.”

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This Week on TV

How I Met Your Mother

Barney spent the entire episode trying to see and/or feel Lily’s pregnancy boobs. After some trickery on everyone’s parts, Barney got a glimpse but not a feel. Ted told the gang about running into Victoria at the Architect’s Ball. Turns out she’s engaged to Claus, a man she started dating very soon after she and Ted broke up. She also told Ted that the reason none of his relationships have worked out is because he has leftover feelings for Robin and it’s not helpful that he sees her every day, along with her other ex, Barney. He admitted in his voiceover that he is still hung up on her, so I’m interested to see if a) he cuts all ties with her (doubtful), or b) my theory about Robin being the mother was right all along.

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New Fall Show: Up All Night

When announcements about new fall shows were made months ago, Up All Night was one of the shows I was most excited for. My love for Will Arnett knows no bounds, and if you haven’t watched Arrested Development you are seriously depriving yourself of utter awesomeness. But I digress…

Up All Night is a half hour comedy, starring the aforementioned Arnett along with Christina Applegate and Maya Rudolph. It focuses on new parents trying to figure out how to balance work, life and a baby. Rudolph plays Ava, a daytime talk show host (think: Oprah) and Applegate is her beloved producer, Regan, who has just returned to work after her maternity leave. In the pilot we learned that Arnett’s character, Chris, used to work at a law firm but quit to be a stay at home dad to baby Amy.

One thing Arnett fans may notice right off the bat is that his character is extremely toned down compared to his previous roles. But, thankfully, that didn’t take away from the comedy. I found the pilot to be very entertaining and full of funny quotes, such as “I always wondered what a mug of butt tastes like” and “Classic venison stock, babies love this!” There was also a scene featuring a great rendition of “It’s Raining Men” by Arnett, but I don’t want to spoil everything for you.

I suggest you check this show out. It’s a fun show that you probably don’t need to see every week in order to follow it (although obviously I’ll be watching it every week). I hope it does well because I think Arnett is due for a successful show.