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The Voice: Live Shows, Week 1

Yesterday marked the start of The Voice’s live shows. All six team members from Team Christina and all six from Team Blake performed while Team Cee Lo and Team Adam got to sit back and assess their competition.

Photo: 961kiss.com

The episode proved to be interesting before anything even happened. First of all, Adam Levine’s shaved head was doing really great things for him. That man just never looks bad, I’ve decided. Cee Lo, however, opted for a laced up V-neck shirt (if you can call it that) and a wig. This look was doing nothing for him, but it was amusing. In fact, he barely said anything without laughing at himself. And finally, I don’t know what Christina Aguilera has been up to during the filming break, but she looked AMAZING! Good for you, Christina. Good for you.

Team Blake and Team Christina alternated performances, but for ease of reading this, I’ll cover one team at a time.

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The Voice: The Blind Auditions, Part 4

Monday night, we got yet another dose of blind auditions on The Voice. Here’s who we met.

Jonathas – This young father of two had very cute children with him, including a very fashion forward 8-month-old son. He sang Usher’s “U Got It Bad” and sounded amazing! As he sang, I was thinking how he sounded almost exactly like Usher – Adam even made that comment to Blake while their backs were turned. Cee Lo was the first to turn, followed by Christina. I was actually surprised Adam didn’t turn around, especially since he acknowledged how good Jonathas sounded. I was certain he was going to choose Cee Lo as his coach once they started bonding over their fancy watches, but I was wrong. He chose Christina after saying “I was in 5th grade when Genie in a Bottle came out. I’ve always had the hots for you.” I hope his wife is ok with this pairing.

Monique Benabou – I thought her speaking voice was kind of different, which made me think her singing voice would be too. It wasn’t, but it wasn’t bad either. While their backs were turned, Blake told Christina that she could do something with this girl, which prompted Christina to push her button right away. No one else turned around, so Monique is on Team Christina. And as Blake pointed out, Christina is the best female vocalist of this generation, so Monique didn’t get herself a half bad coach. And bonus points to Blake for playing nice with Christina!

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The Voice: The Blind Auditions, Part 3

Week three of the blind auditions and we’re still not done! I’m totally fine with that though because I love this part of the show. Here’s a rundown of the newest additions to the teams.

Sarah Golden – They started this week’s episode by making it a blind audition for the audience as well. Sarah talked about she often gets shot down because of how she looks, so I was expecting something terrible, or at least mildly bad. When they finally did show her, I thought she looked fine. I wasn’t overly impressed with her voice though, but she got both Cee Lo and Blake to turn around so that shows how much I know about voices. She had a hard time deciding who to pick, so Cee Lo said “I only want who wants me.” She said she wants both of them, and Cee Lo cracked the first joke of the night by saying “You can’t handle us both, baby!” I don’t know if that sold her in, but she chose Cee Lo as her coach, which is who I hoped she would pick.

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The Voice: The Blind Auditions, Part 2


I was looking forward to the Prince medley once I heard it was happening, but I must say I wasn’t overly impressed. My issues were mostly in the department of song choice – I feel like there are so many other Prince songs that would’ve been better. After opening the show with the performance, it was back to the blind auditions!

The Line (Hailey and Leland) – I don’t know if I like the idea of duos on this show or not. I also can’t decide how I feel about this duo specifically. They managed to get all four judges to turn their chairs around, which I guess is saying something, and I was a bit thrown off when they asked for 30 seconds to make a decision. That does make sense though, they should probably discuss something like that rather than leaving it up to one of them. They ended up choosing Christina for their coach, but that decision didn’t seem to come easy.

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The Voice is finally back!

As a general rule, I don’t really watch reality TV shows. It’s not that I’m “above” them or anything, I just get sucked in so easily and I already watch too many shows as it is. I’ve got to make cuts somewhere. But I have one exception to this rule, and that is The Voice.

I was obsessed with this show last season, but I hadn’t realized how much I missed it until it was back on yesterday. It’s just the greatest, and if you don’t watch it I would strongly suggest you reconsider. The bromances alone are totally worth it. And if anyone was wondering whether Christina Aguilera would be less awkward and inappropriate this season, the answer is no. She brought up race in a situation that didn’t warrant it, she told a contestant that Britney Spears had a huge crush on him as a kid (if I were Britney, I probably wouldn’t appreciate that) and she picked fights with Adam Levine entirely too often. But those are the moments that make the show (even more) entertaining!

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The Voice: Finale & Results

Warning: Major spoilers ahead!

The Voice Final Four

Those 10 weeks just flew right by! I can’t believe The Voice is over!

Yesterday, the four finalists sang original songs as well as duets with their coaches. Dia and Blake sang “I Won’t Back Down” (complete with some stylish Ray-Bans and camo guitars), Beverly and Christina sang “Beautiful” (I can’t say I’m surprised that Christina picked one of her own songs), Javier and Adam sang “Man in the Mirror” (and Adam still looks good in a suit, if you were wondering), and Vicci and Cee Lo sang “Love is a Battlefield” (featuring some deadly spiked shoulder pads and dancing children).

The original songs were good too, though I enjoyed the duets more. After Vicci’s original song, she thanked Adam for buying her jeans like his and Blake said “Man, I can’t say that she’s been in my pants!” I gotta say, now that the show is done, I’m gonna miss his inappropriate comments. Dia had mimes dancing behind her during her performance, and immediately I remembered Blake making fun of Christina for including mimes in one of her singer’s performances. Of course Christina called him out on this right away. Beverly’s original song garnered a standing ovation from all the judges, and of course Javier’s performance needed no feedback.

After yesterday’s episode, I couldn’t decide who I expected to win. Each of the four singers is so unique and obviously very talented. Tonight, they each sang a duet with a famous singer who was not their judge. Vicci sang “Drops of Jupiter” with Train’s Pat Monahan, Javier sang “Landslide” with Stevie Nicks (which made Adam nearly cry), Beverly sang “Good Life” with Ryan Tedder of OneRepublic, and Dia sang “The House that Built Me” with Miranda Lambert, after which Blake told Dia he realizes his attachment to her is because she’s family to him now.

After 10 weeks of becoming attached to these singers, it was time to let 3 of the 4 go. Dia and Javier were the top two singers, and Carson announced there was less than a 2% difference in their number of votes. So, without further ado, the winner of The Voice is…drum roll please…. Javier! As someone who was rooting for Dia and Javier equally, I’m happy with this. Javier has lost so many chances along his way, so I’m glad to see he got this one. And I’m sure that even though she was the runner up, someone is going to give Dia a recording deal. She’s clearly amazing.

So, what do you think? Are you happy with Javier winning, or did you want it to be someone else?

The Voice: Results Show #1

So many tears! Every time someone cried on the show, I cried! I feel so invested in all these singers! I’m not ready to see them go!

Let’s just go over it all from the beginning, shall we? The opening Freedom/Faith mash-up was great! I loved seeing everyone sing together, and it sounded a lot better than I would’ve thought an 8-way song would sound! And did anyone else notice Nakia’s orange wayfarers? Cee Lo is rubbing off on him.

The first elimination announcement was Team Cee Lo – Nakia vs Vicci. I was a little (read: a lot) worried when Cee Lo said he wrote a poem for them. I think Carson was too, judging by his “Let’s hear this” reaction. After the poetry reading, Carson announced Cee Lo’s scores for his singers. He gave Nakia 51 points and Vicci 49. His reasoning was that Vicci’s drumming drowned out her voice, but let’s be real – that was an even split. After adding America’s votes, Vicci is continuing to the finals.

Next, Cee Lo performed his new single, “Bright Lights Bigger City” sporting his second wig of the season. I have no strong feelings one way or the other about this performance, but Adam seemed to really enjoy it.

Next on the chopping block were Team Adam’s Casey and Javier; Adam gave 35 points to Casey and 65 to Javier. He explained his decision by saying that Casey is 18 and has her whole career ahead of her while Javier is running out of breaks (not his exact words, but that was the idea). He said “I had to advance him” and promised Casey that she’s going to be a huge star regardless. As expected, America’s votes confirmed that Javier is advancing.

In the next reality reel, we learned Blake flew his girls to Cincinnati to watch him perform and join him for Honey Bee. They met Brad Paisley, Blake gave them pink camouflage electric guitars and they flew on a private jet. Blake split his 100 points evenly between his girls, leaving the ultimate decision in the hands of the voters. It was a tight race, but Dia is advancing to the finals.

Like Blake, Christina also split her points evenly between her girls, and Beverly is advancing to the finals. This was the only one I wasn’t able to predict ahead of time, and while Beverly has grown on me, I’m sad to see Frenchie go.

Next week is the finals. They’ll perform original songs as well as duets with their coaches, and I’m really interested in seeing how that goes.

This is it! Who do you want to win it all?