Super Bowl XLVI

Well the Super Bowl and football season are over. It took a little while to get underway, but it’s done and we football fans have to wait eight long months to see our favorite teams and players take the field again. I happen to be a Redskins fan – yes, we didn’t have the best season, BUT we did happen to beat the Super Bowl Champs twice this year. Just saying…

Anyway, this blog isn’t about sports; it’s about TV. And while we typically DVR shows to fast forward through the annoying commercials, the Super Bowl is the rare occurrence when you actually want to see the ads and creative concepts advertising and marketing teams came up with. Some years the commercials are better than others and sometimes brands just totally miss the mark. This year I was surprised at how long it took for a good commercial to even air. I think it wasn’t until halfway through the first quarter, and probably four or five commercials breaks in, that I finally got a good laugh. There were also a couple of big trends this year: puppies(!), celeb cameos and models.

Let’s take a look at the millions of dollars spent on advertising last night – the good, the bad and the ugly (in no particular order).

M&Ms Brown
Doritos Dog/Cat & Baby
Skechers Dog Moonwalk
Samsung Mobile
Budweiser Prohibition

Bud Light Platinum
Audi Vampires
Coca-Cola Polar Bears
Pepsi King’s Court
Fiat Seduction
Toyota Camry

Other things to mention:

  • Dannon Oikos was funny for all of a second, but come on John Stamos; you’re better than that
  • Matthew Broderick is and will always be baby-faced Ferris Bueller. So glad Honda convinced him to bring back one of the movie best characters of all time.
  • Apparently 2012 is the year of Tim Riggins! We’ll see the beautiful Taylor Kitsch in not one, but two, movies over the next couple of months and I for one, cannot wait.
  • Two words: David Beckham. Enough said.

Halftime Show
In typical Madonna fashion, the entire halftime show was completely over the top, but wow. I thought she did a great job. Looks like Madonna’s still got it! I never understand why these big name performers stray from their classic hits though. I realize Madonna has a new song she wants to plug, but Vogue, Music and Like a Prayer were just not enough. The other thing I didn’t like was the unnecessary cameos. Cee-Lo and LMFAO were on stage for all of two seconds. It’s like Madonna was trying to prove she’s still young and “hip.” And then Nicki Minaj and M.I.A. were just obnoxious – really M.I.A.? Flicking everyone off? Real classy. All in all a good show, but Madonna needs to remember that she can carry a show all on her.

So what were your favorite moments?


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