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The Voice: Live Semi-Final Eliminations

And then there were four!

Tonight, each team got cut in half yet again, and there was no shortage of emotions. Interspersed among the eliminations were performances from last year’s final four – Dia Frampton, Vicci Martinez, Beverly McClellan and Javier Colon. It was weird not hearing feedback from the coaches after they performed, but I guess they’re beyond that now.

The eliminations work the same as last year – both the coach and America has a say in who advances. The coach splits 100 points between his/her two singers, and the scores from America get added to that number to determine who stays and who goes.

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The Voice: Live Semi-Final Performances

I’ve been slacking the last couple weeks with this show, and I’ve learned my lesson. It turns out it’s almost impossible to avoid spoilers for The Voice, so this week I decided to watch it live like I used to. Much better, I must say.

A couple things I noticed before the show really got started: Christina opted for her bright red lipstick, which I’m not a fan of. I also don’t like the intense eye shadow or the random tiara, but I guess that doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things. The girls in the audience seemed to be screaming louder than usual for Adam this week. I can’t say I blame them. 🙂

But on to what matters – the performances.

Team Adam’s Tony Lucca kicked the show off with his rendition of “How Do You Like Me Now,” which I loved. I’m a fan of the song in general, but I also thought he did a great job performing it. The judges agreed, too. Christina, of course, talked too much. She really should quit while she’s ahead – Carson cut her off, she called him out, he let her finish, and all she did was say that if the show doesn’t work out for Tony, he and Adam can start a Britney Spears cover band. Not really sure that was the best use of time on a live show, but maybe that’s just me.

Next up was Erin Willett from Team Blake performing “Without You,” by David Guetta. Her version was slower than the original, and I’m not sure I was really feeling it. Although I did like that she put her own spin on it. Objectively, she sang it well, but I was kind of bored during the performance. She was crying by the end of it, so I can appreciate that the song meant something to her. The judges all agreed they liked her performance and thought she sounded great.

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The Voice: Live Quarter-Final Performances and Eliminations

I’m switching my post up this week and writing about both the live show and the eliminations at once – and I won’t go into as much detail about the performances either. Instead I just want to share my thoughts on some of what went down (in no particular order).

RaeLynn’s performances of She’s Country – I’m a country music fan and I love this song, so I was excited to hear her version. And I must say, I think this was her best performance yet. She tends to do this thing where she really exaggerates her drawl, and I don’t understand it. I think I enjoyed this performance the most because she didn’t do as much of that.

Photo: starpulse.com

Team Christina’s performance of Stronger with their coach – Christina has been dressing so much better during the live shows – I’ve been very impressed! She looks great when she wears clothes that fit her appropriately and tones down the red lipstick. So why did she come out in a leotard? That was a major step backwards, in my opinion. I did enjoy her brief performance of Hillbilly Bone, complete with male stripped all over Blake. I also think Christina herself sounded good during her song, as did some of her team members (mostly Ashley).

Maroon 5’s performance of Payphone – Here’s some very simple math for you: I love Adam Levine, therefore I love Maroon 5, therefore this performance was automatically perfect. (I never said my math made sense…). That’s really all I have to say about that…

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The Voice: Live Eliminations, Week 2

I finally got around to watching the week two eliminations even though I accidently read a tweet saying who the winners were. I still decided to watch the show and just pretend I didn’t know the outcome 🙂

Photo: starpulse.com

Jessie J kicked off the show with a performance of Domino. I didn’t know she’s a judge on The Voice UK; that’s interesting. Christina’s team joined her for the end of the performance, although all they really did was jump around and sing back-up.

Carson started with Adam’s team when announcing who was safe and who would get to perform again. From his team, America saved Mathai, Tony Lucca and Pip, so Kim Yarbrough, Karla Davis and Katrina Parker each sang one more time for Adam’s save.

From Team Cee Lo, America saved Juliet Simms, Jamar Rogers and James Massone. So, Cheesa, Tony Vincent and Erin Martin got another chance to sing and be saved.

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The Voice: Live Shows, Week 2

Photo: offcolortv.com

This week, Team Adam and Team Cee Lo took the stage to sing their little hearts out, while Team Christina and Team Blake got to rest after last week’s performances and eliminations. Adam and Cee Lo both dressed up for the occasion, while Blake took the opportunity to dress down. After Adam called him out for that, he said “This is how little of a crap I care about y’all’s teams.” Oh, Blake…how I love you.

Here’s a rundown of the performances.

Team Adam

Katrina Parker, Tonight Tonight – This performance didn’t do much for me. She didn’t sound bad, but it didn’t wow me in any way. At first I found it difficult to even hear her sing, but that got better after awhile. Christina said her voice immediately captivated her, but she wanted to see more rocking out. Cee Lo called her performance “a commendable effort,” but he felt the song is meant to be cathartic and should never be staged when it’s performed. Adam disagreed and said he thought that overall, she killed it. Meh…I wouldn’t go that far.

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The Voice: Live Eliminations, Week 1

Warning: Spoilers

Photo: examiner.com

The Voice switched it up a bit this year with their eliminations. Team Christina and Team Blake each had six singers left, and based on America’s votes three members of each team were automatically safe. The other three members then got another chance to sing for their coach for a chance to be saved.

From Team Blake, Erin Willett, Jermaine Paul and RaeLynn were safe. I was surprised about Jermaine because I wasn’t very impressed with his performance on Monday.

From Team Christina, America saved Jesse Campbell, Lindsey Pavao and Chris Mann. I didn’t love Lindsey’s rendition of Somebody That I Used to Know, but I guess America enjoyed it.

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The Voice: Live Shows, Week 1

Yesterday marked the start of The Voice’s live shows. All six team members from Team Christina and all six from Team Blake performed while Team Cee Lo and Team Adam got to sit back and assess their competition.

Photo: 961kiss.com

The episode proved to be interesting before anything even happened. First of all, Adam Levine’s shaved head was doing really great things for him. That man just never looks bad, I’ve decided. Cee Lo, however, opted for a laced up V-neck shirt (if you can call it that) and a wig. This look was doing nothing for him, but it was amusing. In fact, he barely said anything without laughing at himself. And finally, I don’t know what Christina Aguilera has been up to during the filming break, but she looked AMAZING! Good for you, Christina. Good for you.

Team Blake and Team Christina alternated performances, but for ease of reading this, I’ll cover one team at a time.

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