Midweek Round-Up

This is quite a busy week in television, but I think I say that every week. Rather than going through a long winded recap for each show, here a few of my favorites so far:

Hawaii Five-0
This episode gave me a heart attack within the first two minutes. Obviously the show cannot kill off McGarrett, but the thought of him being seriously injured did not sit well with me. Turns out he was just hit by a car, no big deal. Flashback to the previous day and we see how McGarrett got to this point. Turns out a woman was killed at a charity event after trying to confront the married man who knocked up her sister. I guess he really didn’t want that secret to get out. Besides the murder, a couple key things happened in this episode:

  1. Five-0 almost gets disbanded… again. This time I have a feeling there will be serious repercussions from the Governor.
  2. Lori quits Five-0 and moves back east.

Now the Lori thing is what really gets me. She and McGarrett definitely had a thing and I thought the writers were going to get those two together. Oh well. Other than that, she was really brought in so Five-0 would have another member when Kono went undercover. I assumed Lori was in Hawaii for good. Maybe she’ll come back one day.

I’m also a little confused about McGarrett’s relationship with Catherine. This episode made it seem like they were in a full-fledged relationship but her name hasn’t come up since the last time she was on the show. But I guess this isn’t the point of Hawaii Five-0 – clearly you know where my priorities are.

Hart of Dixie
I’m so torn every time I watch this show because I love the characters so much and want so badly for certain couples to fall into place. There is what seems like a million different love triangles going on at once: Wade, Zoe, George; George, Lemon, Lavon; Lemon, Lavon, Didi; Zoe, Wade, Girl of the Week, etc. You get the point!

This week Didi discovers a picture of Lemon that Lavon had hidden, and not very well I might add. She knows something is up and avoids him. Didi mentions her discovery to Zoe, who then confronts Lavon about it, and Lavon and Lemon’s secret relationship is out. But now what to do with this information! Zoe struggles with this news the entire show, but ultimately decides not to tell George. As much as she wants her friend to know the truth about the woman he’s about to marry, Lavon is one of her best friends and just doesn’t want to hurt him. She’s stuck in a rock and a hard place I guess. What would you do if you were in Zoe’s shoes?

Another great episode of Glee this season! After last season’s shaky turn, they definitely had some making up to do.

It’s Valentine’s Day at McKinley High and what better assignment for Mr. Shue to give the glee club than for them to sing the greatest love songs. And boy did they nail it – Amber Riley’s rendition of “I Will Always Love You?” AMAZING. The whole casts take on “Love Shack?” SO fun.

The episode had some weird turns though like Karofsky being Kurt’s secret admirer, Mercedes not getting together with Sam and the weird religious sect of the glee club.

I also think Rachel and Finn’s parents’ attempt to trick their children into not getting married was kind of ridiculous. Don’t they know once a teenagers mind is setting on something there is no turning back? Plus, really, giving them the ok to go have sex upstairs? This whole situation was a little silly, even more so than usual.

Next Up
On tonight’s agenda there’s Revenge, One Tree Hill and Battle of the Exes. How am I going to find the time?


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