The Challenge: Battle of the Exes, Episode 5

I’ve got to tell you, I expected a lot more drama on this season of MTV’s The Challenge. In general the show thrives on drama stemming mostly from drunken hook-ups. So what genius idea did MTV have? Pair up past couples or hook-ups as teammates, of course. Now some couples hooked up once five years ago and have no beef with each other, while others dated for years before things went south.

Surprisingly though, the teams are working pretty well together. It’s like they’ve beat the system and realized the only way to win is to get over their differences. Plus let’s face it, these people will do anything for money, including partnering with an ex, no matter how awkward.

In this week’s episode there were a couple major developments in terms of drama:

  1. Camila lost it. Completely. Camila and Johnny have been running the challenge so far, winning power couple repeatedly, but their relationship hit a snag when Camila got a little drunk and a little jealous. It’s well known among cast members that she has a thing for her partner, while he has a girlfriend at home and isn’t interested in going there. Camila was screaming, fighting everyone in the house, throwing things and couldn’t be calmed down by anyone. Fortunately for Johnny, this didn’t carry over to the next day’s event, but could bring up issues in the future.

Paula tries to calm down a hysterical Camila

  1. Cara Maria asked Abram to move in with her… and then took it back the next day. This on and off couple, started the challenge a little rocky, but seemed to be back on track until this big bomb. It should be interesting to see what happens after the show.

Now on to the competition…

The Challenge: Don’t rock the boat

Johnny and Camila make their way to the end of the Rock the Boat challenge

Each team had to climb up netting until they reached the top of a shipwrecked boat. Then they had to jump from mast to mast, ringing the bell at the end. Players couldn’t move on to the next mast until both teammates were on each one together. The two teams that did this the fastest, then competed for this week’s power couple spot.

I imagine this challenge was pretty difficult if you’re short, but somehow none of the couples managed to fall. It was interesting to see the different strategies, particularly Mark and Robin, who ended up winning. Every one added their own style, usually with the guy helping the girl find balance and the girls grabbing onto the guys for support. Mark on the other hand would jump to the next mast the second robin hit the platform he was already on. They were literally on the same mast for a split second, which saved a ton of time. This made is a little tough on Robin, but she pulled through and carried her own weight.

Abram and Cara Maria ended up losing this challenge, coming in with the slowest time. As power couple Mark and Robin got to choose who they would go up against in the dome.

The Dome: X Battle

Emily cheers on Ty during the elimination round versus Abram

This week’s dome was an elimination game we’ve seen before. Two people from opposing teams wrestle each other for the “X.” Each sex gets to go for the best out of three. If there’s a tie, then a coin is flipped to determine whether the girls go again or the guys go again.

Ty and Emily were chosen again to go into the dome against Abram and Cara Maria, and were not very happy about it. They are still the new kids and a stronger team than people expected, so I think this trend will continue. There are too many old alliances formed for them to overcome this.

This one could have gone either way. Abram has a reputation for being a monster in the elimination rounds, Cara Maria has a reputation for being weak and Ty has a reputation for giving up easily. Yet again, Ty and Emily walked away with the win, sending Abram and Cara Maria home.

Next week we’ll see a lot more drama and craziness: Ty and Paula get cozy; Johnny and Camila continue to argue; and one more team will be eliminated.


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