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Castle Recap: “Cops and Robbers”

Warning: Spoilers

Ugh Beckett! If thinking the man you love just died in an explosion isn’t enough of a reason to admit you love him, I don’t know what is! Even though the Halloween episode was last week, there was certainly a fair amount of intensity in this episode!

Castle and his mother went to the bank because she wanted to get a loan to fix up her acting school and she wanted to do it independently of her wealthy son. While waiting, Castle noticed multiple people dressed as doctors with suspicious bulges in their jacket. He was on the phone with Beckett at the time and told her he thought the bank was about to be robbed, which it was. One of the robbers took his phone and talked to Beckett, who tried to convince him to call it off before it got any worse. That didn’t work, but the robber liked Beckett and refused to talk to any law enforcement person except her, much to the dismay of the lead person on the hostage negotiation team.

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