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Dexter Recap: “Sin of Omission”

Warning: Spoilers!

First, I want to start this post by acknowledging that Dexter got picked up for not one, but TWO more seasons! Of course that probably also means that no one close to him will figure out his secret for at least two more years.

This week’s episode started with Dexter trying to get back on his sister’s good side after she gave him one day off and he took five. She forgave him quickly but said it was because she needed his help with the Doomsday Killer case. They figured out that Gellar was working with a former student, which was a detail Dexter wanted to keep to himself. So to speed up his plan to kill Gellar, Dexter paid Travis a visit at work. Travis told him more information than I expected him to, but what he didn’t do was agree to help Dexter find Gellar. Later on, though, Dexter followed him to a diner and used a passage from the Bible to convince him to help. Travis said he wanted to get his sister safe first, though.

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Birthdays of the Week: November 20-26

November 20

  • Bo Derek, 55
  • Callie Thorne, 42
  • Joel McHale, 40
  • Joshua Gomez, 36

November 21

  • Harold Ramis, 67
  • Goldie Hawn, 66
  • Nicollette Sheridan, 48

November 22

  • Mark Ruffalo, 44
  • Scarlett Johansson, 27

November 23

  • Snooki, 24
  • Miley Cyrus, 19

November 24

  • Colin Hanks, 34
  • Katherine Heigl, 33

November 25

  • John Larroquette, 64
  • Billy Burke, 45
  • Christina Applegate, 40
  • Katie Cassidy, 25

November 26

  • Peter Facinelli, 38
  • Natasha Bedingfield, 30

Dexter Recaps: “Just Let Go” and “Nebraska”

Warning: Spoilers

First and foremost, I’m sorry I missed writing a recap last week. I’m sure that was more difficult for me than it was for you. 🙂 But don’t worry – I’ve seen both episodes and am ready to discuss!

Last week was a doozy! I imagine if I had watched it on time and had the week to really think about what it could mean, I would’ve been much more shocked and confused. Still, though, a lot went down.

Brother Sam didn’t survive his shooting, unfortunately. I wasn’t quite done with his character, so I’m sad to see him go. He came out of his coma just long enough to confirm what Dexter already knew – Nick is the one who shot him. If you remember, Brother Sam had recently baptized Nick in the ocean and taken him in. Sam asked Dexter to pass a message to Nick saying he forgives him. Sam told Dexter he knows about his darkness but can see that there’s light in him as well and asked that he use that. I wonder if this means that he knows what Dexter does in his spare time…

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Birthdays of the Week: November 13-19

November 13

  • Gary Marshall, 78
  • Chris Noth, 58
  • Whoopi Goldberg, 57
  • Jimmy Kimmel, 44
  • Gerard Butler, 43

November 14

  • Rev Run, 47
  • Josh Duhamel, 39
  • Travis Barker, 36

November 15

  • Johnny Lee Miller, 39

November 16

  • Martha Plimpton, 41
  • Maggie Gyllenhaal, 34

November 17

  • Martin Scorsese, 69
  • Danny DeVito, 67
  • Lorne Michaels, 67
  • Leslie Bibb, 38
  • Rachel McAdams, 33

November 18

  • Susan Sullivan, 69
  • Kevin Nealon, 58
  • Romany Malco, 43
  • Owen Wilson, 43
  • Mike Epps, 41
  • Chloe Sevigny, 37
  • Nasim Pedrad, 30

November 19

  • Larry King, 78
  • Allison Janney, 52
  • Meg Ryan, 50
  • Jodie Foster, 49

In case you missed it…

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Birthdays of the Week: November 6 – 12

November 6

  • Emma Stone, 23
  • Rebecca Romijn, 39
  • Ethan Hawke, 41
  • Maria Shriver, 56
  • Sally Field, 65

November 7

  • Jason London, 39
  • Jeremy London, 39
  • Joni Mitchell, 68

November 8

  • Jack Osbourne, 25
  • Tara Reid, 35
  • Parker Posey, 42
  • Bonnie Raitt, 61

November 9

  • Vanessa Minnillo, 30
  • Nick Lachey, 37

November 10

  • Miranda Lambert, 27
  • Ellen Pompeo, 41
  • Tracy Morgan, 42

November 11

  • Leonardo DiCaprio, 36
  • Calista Flockhart, 46
  • Demi Moore, 48

November 12

  • Anne Hathaway, 28
  • Ryan Gosling, 30
  • Neil Young, 65




Castle Recap: “Cops and Robbers”

Warning: Spoilers

Ugh Beckett! If thinking the man you love just died in an explosion isn’t enough of a reason to admit you love him, I don’t know what is! Even though the Halloween episode was last week, there was certainly a fair amount of intensity in this episode!

Castle and his mother went to the bank because she wanted to get a loan to fix up her acting school and she wanted to do it independently of her wealthy son. While waiting, Castle noticed multiple people dressed as doctors with suspicious bulges in their jacket. He was on the phone with Beckett at the time and told her he thought the bank was about to be robbed, which it was. One of the robbers took his phone and talked to Beckett, who tried to convince him to call it off before it got any worse. That didn’t work, but the robber liked Beckett and refused to talk to any law enforcement person except her, much to the dismay of the lead person on the hostage negotiation team.

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