Christina Aguilera makes me uncomfortable…

I finally got around to watching the first of The Voice live shows. Reality TV is a whole new ball game for me as I don’t usually indulge in it, but now I see that it’s not something I can wait almost a week to watch. I’ll do better next week.

During the blind auditions, Christina Aguilera made her fair share of awkward comments, and part of me thought the producers would tell her to tone it down for the live shows since they can’t edit her. That part of me was wrong. She told Adam Levine that he’s going to soil himself after watching one of her singers perform. Adam took the words out of my mouth when he said “What does that even mean?” She also took any opportunity given to her to call the other three judges stupid. It might be seen as friendly team rivalry/bickering if it happens once or twice, but I think she took it a bit far. At one point Adam told her to “shut up!” I only wish he told her that a few more times during the show.

But on to the performances… This week Team Blake and Team Christina performed, and two members from each team will be voted off on next week’s show. Personally, I’m rooting for Dia and Xenia on Team Blake to continue, and for Beverly and Frenchie on Team Christina.

Dia stole the show for me with her performance of Kanye West’s Heartless. I would be truly surprised if she gets voted off. Xenia, on the other hand, is still so shy and scared when she performs. Her voice is so unique and I think she deserves to stay on the show, but I’m worried her shyness will prevent people from voting. Patrick Thomas is also on Team Blake, and while he’s a great singer, I’m really rooting for the girls.

Dia performing Kanye West's 'Heartless'

I surprised myself when I decided I wanted Beverly to continue. Up until this point, I’ve found her to be way too intense for me. She’s a great singer, but her intensity stresses me out. This week, though, she performed a more calm song and I enjoyed her a lot more. And of course I want Frenchie to continue because her voice is amazing. Christina’s other two members, Raquel and Lily, had great performances as well, but I think Beverly and Frenchie were the strongest this week.

Beverly performing Melissa Etheridge's 'I'm the Only One'

But, I think my favorite performance of the evening was Team Blake’s rendition of This Love by Maroon 5. I particularly enjoyed seeing Adam’s reaction when the music started and how thoroughly he enjoyed watching country crooner Blake Shelton sing a non-country song. And, Xenia seemed more comfortable performing it than I expected, which was nice to see.

I’m excited to see the outcome next week, and even more excited to see Team Adam and Team Cee Lo perform. I think Adam has a really strong team, especially Javier Colon, so I’m looking forward to seeing how he does.



4 thoughts on “Christina Aguilera makes me uncomfortable…

  1. Agreed! Christina got on my nerves but this week she just went completely overboard. Her team is great, but you can tell that even they are ashamed of her…

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