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Season Finale: Weeds

Warning: Major spoilers! 

The season finale of Weeds raises one very serious question: Will the show be back for another season? Certainly they can’t finish the show with that finale! But we’ll get to that in a minute…

We left off with Dmitri jacking Heylia and Dean for their MILF weed, causing Silas to reach a boiling point. Assuming Nancy was behind it, he called Jill who then flew to New York to tell Nancy she wants custody of Stevie or else she’ll turn her in to the police. He seemed to immediately regret that decision. Meanwhile, Emma went to Shane’s cop friend, Detective Ouellette, and told him the truth about the Botwins.

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Summer TV Wrap Up

As summer winds down, so do our favorite TV shows. Here is a quick wrap up of how I spent my summer:

Necessary Roughness
I was a little skeptical of Necessary Roughness when it first started, but immediately fell in love with the characters and story. The show begins with the demise of Dr. Dani Santino’s marriage and continues on a crazy path throughout the season for the doc: she deals with her two upset children, takes on a new job as therapist for the local professional football team, and must learn to handle the single life. We’re introduced to Dani’s cheating ex-husband, best friend, new patients and a couple of potential love interests along the way. With two episodes left, it should be interesting to see what develops. Will Dani and Matt finally get together? (that kiss!) Will T.K. get back on track? Will Ray stay out of the picture?

This summer our favorite entourage said goodbye. Mark Wahlberg and the rest of the Entourage crew had a lot of making up to do this season after last year’s downfall. I know people that refused to even watch the final episodes after the disaster we witnessed previously. But luckily, Entourage picked up the pieces. For some characters it took all season, while others met their fates earlier on. Turtle gets his restaurant, Johnny gets a hit TV show and new movie deal, Eric finds out he and Sloan are having a baby and rekindle their romance, Ari and Mrs. Ari (Melissa!) move forward as husband and wife, and Vince, well, he’s Vince, riding off into the sunset with his boys (and new fiancé!) in tow. It was a great ride, entertaining eight years, and I sure will miss my favorite boys from Queens. That is of course, until the movie.

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Weeds: Heylia’s Back!

Warning: This post contains minor spoilers.

I hope the arrival of Heylia and Dean means this season is turning around! It’s nearly half over and I feel like nothing substantial has happened. I guess it’s progress that Scott (Nancy’s brother-in-law) let Nancy see Stevie, but I’m still really unhappy with the Nancy-Silas dynamic.

Like I said before, I understand his anger towards his mother but I want them to get along! Just when it looked like they were making progress – his character witness speech to the judge was much more touching than expected – they have to throw a huge wrench in the situation. By this I mean the revelation that Nancy never told Judah he isn’t Silas’ biological father.

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Weeds: Uncle Andy is Still My Favorite

A couple years ago I decided it was time to pick up Weeds as my new show of choice. This was at a point when many fans had given up on the show, saying it veered too far away from what everyone loved. Since I was starting from season 1, I didn’t let those reviews deter me. And even though I definitely prefer the seasons spent in Agrestic, I haven’t given up on the show yet. It’s possible that has something to do with my undying love of Andy Botwin.

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