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The Voice: Finale & Results

Warning: Major spoilers ahead!

The Voice Final Four

Those 10 weeks just flew right by! I can’t believe The Voice is over!

Yesterday, the four finalists sang original songs as well as duets with their coaches. Dia and Blake sang “I Won’t Back Down” (complete with some stylish Ray-Bans and camo guitars), Beverly and Christina sang “Beautiful” (I can’t say I’m surprised that Christina picked one of her own songs), Javier and Adam sang “Man in the Mirror” (and Adam still looks good in a suit, if you were wondering), and Vicci and Cee Lo sang “Love is a Battlefield” (featuring some deadly spiked shoulder pads and dancing children).

The original songs were good too, though I enjoyed the duets more. After Vicci’s original song, she thanked Adam for buying her jeans like his and Blake said “Man, I can’t say that she’s been in my pants!” I gotta say, now that the show is done, I’m gonna miss his inappropriate comments. Dia had mimes dancing behind her during her performance, and immediately I remembered Blake making fun of Christina for including mimes in one of her singer’s performances. Of course Christina called him out on this right away. Beverly’s original song garnered a standing ovation from all the judges, and of course Javier’s performance needed no feedback.

After yesterday’s episode, I couldn’t decide who I expected to win. Each of the four singers is so unique and obviously very talented. Tonight, they each sang a duet with a famous singer who was not their judge. Vicci sang “Drops of Jupiter” with Train’s Pat Monahan, Javier sang “Landslide” with Stevie Nicks (which made Adam nearly cry), Beverly sang “Good Life” with Ryan Tedder of OneRepublic, and Dia sang “The House that Built Me” with Miranda Lambert, after which Blake told Dia he realizes his attachment to her is because she’s family to him now.

After 10 weeks of becoming attached to these singers, it was time to let 3 of the 4 go. Dia and Javier were the top two singers, and Carson announced there was less than a 2% difference in their number of votes. So, without further ado, the winner of The Voice is…drum roll please…. Javier! As someone who was rooting for Dia and Javier equally, I’m happy with this. Javier has lost so many chances along his way, so I’m glad to see he got this one. And I’m sure that even though she was the runner up, someone is going to give Dia a recording deal. She’s clearly amazing.

So, what do you think? Are you happy with Javier winning, or did you want it to be someone else?