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Castle Recap: “Kick the Ballistics”

The much-awaited resurfacing of 3XK finally arrived. Well, sort of. We didn’t see the man, but we certainly saw the ramifications of his actions.

In case you forgot, 3XK was a serial killer from last season who knocked Ryan out and stole his gun and badge. They never mentioned him again after that, but this week Castle said he has spent a year thinking about him and wondering when he would pop up. This week’s murder victim was a college student who spent all her free time tutoring people for extra money, and it turns out she was shot with Ryan’s stolen weapon.

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Castle Recap: “Head Case”

If I learned anything in this episode, it’s that being cryogenically frozen is probably (definitely) not for me.

This week’s case started out strange because there was no body at the murder scene, just a very large pool of blood. After following a lead, the team came across a creepy warehouse-type place that was actually a cryogenics lab. Turns out the victim had an arrangement to be frozen after he died, so the lab’s owner stole his body in order to respect his wishes. I can’t imagine how anyone would think it’s a smart idea to steal a body from a murder scene, or how they could think “respecting the man’s wishes” would take precedence over finding his killer. Clearly the man is a whack job.

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Castle Episode 2: “Heroes & Villains”

Good news for Caskett fans: They seem to be back to their usual selves! For now, at least.

If you watched the Castle Comic Con panel in July, you already knew episode two was going to be all about superheroes. The team was in search of a vigilante named Lone Vengeance who literally sliced man in half in an alley. The first Lone Vengeance they found was harmless. The second one was a reporter, Paul Whittaker, who admitted to the murder, but Castle and Beckett figured out quickly that he was trying to cover for someone. That someone was Officer Hastings, who had a pretty sweet samurai sword collection but also ended up not being the killer. It turns out Paul was covering for her because he’s in love with her.

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Season Premiere: Castle

Warning: Spoilers!

This is quite possibly the one season premiere I’ve been most excited about all summer. As I’m sure you remember, last season ended with quite the cliffhanger! And in case you forgot just how intense it was, we got a refresher with the “previously on…” clips.

After a nerve-wracking scene in the hospital – complete with Beckett flatling for a bit and her boyfriend shoving Castle into the wall – we learned that Beckett seemingly doesn’t remember anything from the shooting. Castle was visibly sad that his declaration of love went unheard, but as I watched the scene I was certain that her “They say there are some things that are better not being remembered” comment had a deeper meaning. Beckett told Castle she needs some time alone and would call him when she was ready.

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5 Shows You Should Catch Up On Before Fall Premieres

August is almost over, which means we’re in the home stretch for fall season premieres! I’m of the mindset that you can never watch too many shows, especially with great inventions like DVR and On Demand to help you out! I picked a list of five of my favorite shows that I think everyone should catch up on (or at least start watching) before their season premieres. And since most shows aren’t coming back until late September or even early October, you still have some time!

Castle | September 19, ABC

I just recently caught up on this show myself (spoiler alert: don’t read that post if you haven’t already seen the epicness that was the season 3 finale!). If you’re a dramedy fan and enjoy police procedurals, this show is definitely for you! If you aren’t familiar with the plot, it’s about a mystery novelist named Richard Castle (Nathan Fillion) who starts helping the NYPD homicide department with their cases. He’s first called in because a murder scene is set up to look like one from a Castle novel, but he sticks around after that’s solved because he wants to base his next character on  Detective Kate Beckett (Stana Katic). But as the seasons have progressed he seems to be in it more for the crush he has developed and the friendships he has made. And for those of you who enjoy a nice bromance, Detectives Kevin Ryan and Javier Esposito (Seamus Dever and Jon Huertas) provide just that! They definitely steal the show for me a lot of the time.

Seasons 1 and 2 are currently available on Netflix, and season 3 is on Hulu Plus. Season 3 will also be available on Netflix on September 20. If you choose to go that route, I suggest you begin DVRing season 4 while you catch up on season 3 (this is a science I’ve perfected over the years 🙂 )

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Comic-Con: Castle [UPDATED]

As you’ve probably noticed by now, I was very into Comic-Con this year. And while I was beyond excited for multiple panels, the Castle panel was my number one. I’ve been patiently waiting all weekend for someone to upload videos from the panel to YouTube, but so far it hasn’t happened. Someone who was at the panel was streaming it live from their cellphone, so I watched that video, but the quality was not ideal. I guess beggars can’t be choosers though, right?

Based on the TwitCasted video, along with various articles online, I’ve learned some interesting tidbits about what’s coming up on season four.

  • There’s going to be a Ghostbusters-themed Halloween episode
  • The second episode of the season will be super hero-themed
  • Detective Ryan and his fiancee, Jenny, will be getting married this season! This means a bachelor party and a fight over who will be the best man
  • Nathan Fillion said he’s campaigning for juicy roles for Firefly cast members to play
  • We may get to meet Castle’s father!

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Comic-Con: Chuck

Since this upcoming season is Chuck’s final one, this is probably the last year the cast will be at Comic-Con together. Zachary Levi has been keeping himself busy all weekend with his Nerd HQ project, which seems to be hugely successful. All ticket sales for the panel discussions they had or are having, which includes people like Nathan Fillion, Seth Green and Jared Padalecki, go to Operation Smile. At Zac’s panel this afternoon, he said he thinks they’ve raised somewhere in the ballpark of $40,000 so far.

Chuck Nerd HQ

Chuck cast members, Mark Christopher Lawrence, Zachary Levi, Adam Baldwin and Joshua Gomez at a Nerd HQ panel

At the cast’s actual SDCC panel, Zac got a little emotional when discussing the fans who have kept their show off the chopping block for the last four years. Here’s a video of that moment:


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