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It’s official: I hate season finales

Warning: finale spoilers ahead!

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I guess that’s not entirely true, I’m just really frustrated by all the cliffhangers. But that’s the idea, right? It seems like lots of finales are happening earlier this year than they usually do. So far we’ve said goodbye (for the summer) to New Girl, Bones, How I Met Your Mother, Hawaii Five-0, Private Practice and Suburgatory, just to name a few. And tonight, Grey’s Anatomy and The Mentalist are both wrapping up. I already know Grey’s is going to be one of the most frustrating finales ever; I’ve come to terms with this. But here’s a run-down of some of the others…

New Girl | Not surprising at all – Nick and Jess still aren’t together. I’m ok with this, though, because I get that it shouldn’t happen right away. I’m just glad Nick didn’t end up moving in with Caroline. If they had ended it with them together I may have screamed.

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This Week on TV

Parenthood: “Tales from the Luncheonette”

Parenthood never disappoints and this week was no different. Kristina is home taking care of baby Nora while Adam is busy trying to get his record studio with Crosby up and running. This leads to chaos at home – the house is a mess, dinner isn’t getting cooked, and poor Hattie has no one to read her college essay. On the other hand, Adam and Crosby got a call from Cee-Lo saying he wanted to record at their studio. Cee-Lo was unhappy with all of the takes, which caused a lot of tension between Adam and Crosby. They feared they had lost their first customer.

The other half of the family was dealing with some much deeper issues: Seth’s alcoholism and Julia and Joel’s adoption. Sarah is determined to get him help because as much as she hates Seth and what he does to their children, she knows he is family; what happens to him matters. Seth can’t get into the free rehab so she goes to her parents for money. Zeke refuses to help, so Sarah turns to Julia. Meanwhile Zeke also had quite an opinion on Julia and Joel’s adoption. He thinks it’s a terrible idea. Zeke, Camille, Sarah, Julia and Joel are eating dinner together and Joel unknowingly brings up the money to Sarah. Zeke realizes what happened and freaks out, but Joel stands up to him and says to stay out of both situations because these are decisions they’ve made as a family. Love him!

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Season Premiere: How I Met Your Mother

Last season, HIMYM ended with the pretty shocking revelation that Barney is getting married. Of course, in keeping with the secretive theme of the show, we’re most likely not going to find out who he’s marring until the end of the season.

Tonight’s hour-long (or rather, two half-hours back to back) premiere picked up at Barney’s wedding and immediately flashed back to “the worst wedding” the gang has ever been to. It turns out Ted gave speeches at several of his friends’ weddings, but they always happened to fall at bad times in his life. Thus, he was always a crybaby mess during his speeches. Punchy, his high school friend whose wedding he is now getting ready to speak at, posted all the videos online and was hoping he would break down at his wedding as well. More on that in a minute.

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