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Season Premiere: Modern Family


The five time Emmy-winning show has returned – and with an hour-long season premiere, no less! The first half hour took place at a dude ranch in Wyoming where the family went on vacation. We learned that Cam and Mitchell are planning to adopt a baby boy, but Mitch thinks he needs to butch up first. After nearly shooting his entire family, he decided he’s not ready for father/son activities. Later, he blew up a birdhouse with Luke, which restored his confidence in is butchness.

Hayley’s boyfriend, Dylan, went on vacation with the family as well and tried to propose to Hayley. After a family fight and a night being lost in the woods, Dylan got a job offer on the ranch and decided he’s going to stay in Wyoming. Gloria’s ears didn’t pop after the plane landed, so she spent a good portion of the vacation screaming because she couldn’t hear. The dude ranch tour guide, Hank, spent the entire time hitting on Gloria, much to Jay’s chagrin. It turns out he was doing it so Jay could rescue her and be a hero, but I’m not sure I buy that. Alex got some action on vacation – a boy she met by the pool constantly called her beautiful and kissed her several times. At first she was mortified, but by the end of the vacation she was all over him. Go Alex!

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