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The Voice: Live Show #2

Spoiler Alert: I will discuss the outcome of last week’s episode in this post. If you don’t want to know which members of Team Christina and Team Blake made it to the next round, stop reading now. 

I’ve told pretty much everyone I’ve come in contact with, and I’ll tell you too, The Voice has quickly become my biggest TV obsession. If you don’t watch it, I don’t know what you’re waiting for! Every episode is still available on Hulu, so I suggest you mosey on over there and start catching up.

This week’s show started off by getting right down to business. Christina was very emotional as they were announcing which of the women on her team would be going home. Considering how feisty she’s been, I was happy to see her take this moment seriously and not use it as a reason to start trash talking the other judges. I was very happy when they announced that Beverly McClellan was saved by America’s votes. Her performance last week was fantastic and her win was well deserved. Christina chose Frenchie to join her in the semi-finals, which meant Raquel Castro and Lily Elise were sent home.

They decided to wait until the end of the show to announce the results for Team Blake, so in keeping with that theme I’ll wait until the end of this post to share that outcome with you.

This week, Team Cee Lo and Team Adam performed. Team Cee Lo’s first performers were Tori and Taylor Thompson, who performed Boogie Woogie Bugel Boy by The Andrews Sisters. The performance was cute and energetic, and the girls had on matching costumes, but I didn’t love it. Next on Team Cee Lo, Vicci Martinez sang Dolly Parton’s Jolene. Vicci has a very strong voice and I loved her rendition of this song. Nakia – the singer who won Cee Lo over during the auditions by singing “Forget You” – sang Kings of Leon’s Sex on Fire. He, too, has a very strong voice, and his performance was great. Finally, Curtis Grimes performed a country version of Robert Palmer’s Addicted to Love. Following his performance, Adam said “I’d look like an idiot if I wore a cowboy hat but you look sweet in one!” It was hard for me to decide which two members from Team Cee Lo I’d like to see continue, but I think I would go with Vicci Martinez and Curtis Grimes. As great as Nakia was, I was much more into Vicci and Curtis’ performances.

Up first on Team Adam was Casey Weston, who sang KT Tunstall’s Black Horse and the Cherry Tree. In the rehearsal footage, they showed Casey being very apprehensive about singing a high energy version of this song, so I was worried her fear was going to show. I was wrong! This performance was amazing! Blake even said he was going to download it right away. Next up was former pre-med student, Devon Barley, performing Stop and Stare by OneRepublic. I don’t care for this song in the first place, and I wasn’t particularly drawn to Devon’s performance of it either. He sang well, but it didn’t really “wow” me. Then, Jeff Jenkins performed Carrie Underwood’s Jesus Take the Wheel. He has a great voice, and I really enjoyed his performance. He dedicated it to his mom and it was clear that he wasn’t faking the emotion of the song. Lastly, Javier Colon performed Angel by Sarah McLachlan. Javier has been a favorite of mine from the start, and he did not disappoint with this performance. As a result, my votes for Team Adam go to Casey Weston and Javier Colon. I don’t want to see Jeff go, but I couldn’t imagine either Casey or Javier leaving next week either. I see why the judges have such a hard time deciding who to save!

After all the performances, they announced the results of who will be continuing on Team Blake. America’s votes saved Dia Frampton, which was far from surprising. The shocker there would’ve been if America didn’t save Dia. Carson asked Blake who he was going to send to the semi-finals with Dia, and he said “I can’t affect change with Jared Blake or Patrick Thomas like I can with Xenia, so I pick Xenia.”  These were the two Team Blake members I wanted to continue, so I’m happy with the results.

As with last week, the two teams did group performances. Team Cee Lo performed Everyday People by Sly and the Family Stone – complete with Cee Lo sporting an afro. Team Adam performed With a Little Help From My Friends. Both performances were good, but Cee Lo’s was definitely more entertaining.

Aside from the performances, there were lots of other things that happened during those two hours. Cee Lo was rocking a glittery jacket, which is a look that few can actually get away with. Of course Cee Lo is one of those few. Christina kept her inappropriate comments mostly contained this week, except for a few outbursts. Curtis even provoked her after his own performance and joked about taking his pants off, saying “Patrick wouldn’t do it, but…” But I’d have to say the most surprising statement of the week came from Jeff Jenkins. When Alison, the social media correspondent, read a tweet for Jeff that asked if he has ladies lining up for him now, he said “I don’t know, I’m still waiting on that legal Thompson sister.” That sounded like something Christina would say, not Jeff. The only difference is it got a laugh from me rather than a cringe.

Voting is open until Monday for this week’s performers. Who will you be voting for?