The Voice: Live Eliminations, Week 2

I finally got around to watching the week two eliminations even though I accidently read a tweet saying who the winners were. I still decided to watch the show and just pretend I didn’t know the outcome 🙂


Jessie J kicked off the show with a performance of Domino. I didn’t know she’s a judge on The Voice UK; that’s interesting. Christina’s team joined her for the end of the performance, although all they really did was jump around and sing back-up.

Carson started with Adam’s team when announcing who was safe and who would get to perform again. From his team, America saved Mathai, Tony Lucca and Pip, so Kim Yarbrough, Karla Davis and Katrina Parker each sang one more time for Adam’s save.

From Team Cee Lo, America saved Juliet Simms, Jamar Rogers and James Massone. So, Cheesa, Tony Vincent and Erin Martin got another chance to sing and be saved.

Team Adam was up first up to sing again. Kim Yarbrough sang Spotlight and sounded great. There’s no denying this woman can sing. I’m not familiar with this song so I had nothing to compare it to. She seemed really sad after she finished singing; she should be more confident! Next, Karla Davis sang I Can’t Make You Love Me. I think this was a much better song choice than Airplanes from the previous night, and she sang it well. Katrina Parker sang Don’t Speak – a song I really like. She sang it well; I’m not sure which of the three I would choose if I were Adam. Blake, Christina and Cee Lo all said Katrina was the best performance; Adam ultimately saved Katrina as well.

The first singer on Team Cee Lo was Tony Vincent singing Sweet Dreams Are Made of This. I love this song and I thought he did a wonderful job. I loved his last performance and even voted for him several times, so I’m sad he was in the bottom three to begin with. This song seemed very appropriate for him and his style; it was a great choice. Next up, Cheesa sang All By Myself. She breathed into the mic too much, but in terms of her performance, I thought she sounded good. Finally, Erin Martin sang Your Song. I didn’t like this performance, but she looked really nice. Adam said they all did an amazing job and it sounded like the first time they were singing like it was their last chance. I wonder if that’s because they got to choose these songs, which is a point that Christina made. Adam, Blake and Christina all said Cheesa was the best; Cee Lo chose to save Cheesa, even though his mind told him to save Tony. I’m really sad to see him go because I think he’s so great. And Erin apparently had some things to say about Cee Lo’s coaching after she was voted off.

The next show is the live quarterfinals, which should be interesting. What did you think about this week’s winners and losers?


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