TV Round-Up: Bones, Hawaii Five-0, Modern Family and Suburgatory

Warning: Some spoilers

It’s been a busy week, and sadly my TV-watching has suffered! I have yet to watch the eliminations from The Voice; but thanks to Twitter I know who went home. I still plan to watch and write about it, so stay tuned for that.

I did manage to watch a handful of shows, and by the end of the weekend I hope to have watched the rest. Here’s a rundown on what I did see.



It’s nice to see that a baby and a relationship haven’t changed this show very much. This episode had Bones back in the field working a murder while her new baby was at daycare. Finn Abernathy, the extremely southern squintern, was back for this episode as well, but not without some drama. Finn and Michelle, Cam’s daughter, hit it off early in the episode and had a very successful first date. Cam, however, tried to put an end to the relationship before ultimately relenting at the end. Personally, I found that aspect of the story to be irrelevant, especially since both of these people are adults, but it worked out in the end.

It looks like the relationship will stick around for awhile, which means we may get to see more of both of the characters. Meanwhile, I’m waiting for a playdate between baby Christine and baby Michael. Next week’s episode looks like it’ll be funny – Booth decides to buy Bones some lingerie and brings Sweets along to buy it. That, alone, is pretty funny.

Hawaii Five-0

I won’t say much about this, but I would like to address one major elephant in the room: Where was McGarrett?! I know he went to rehab and is going to miss an episode, but I thought that was the H50/CSI crossover episode airing at the end of the month. I don’t understand why he wasn’t around this week. That’s not to say Danno and Chin can’t hold down 5-0 without him, but he certainly doesn’t hurt.

Modern Family


The campaign has finally come to an end, and Claire Dunphy was not the winner. The whole family set out to help campaign for Claire on voting day, but no one really got very far with it. Mitchell and Cam had their Prius decked out in Vote-for-Claire gear, but they ended up having more fun playing with the loud speaker on their car. Jay was pumped to vote for his daughter, but a former flame was manning the voting booth and still held a grudge for how their relationship ended. She refused to submit his vote, as a result. Phil was supposed to drive senior citizens to the polls, but his day was completely consumed by one man who needed to run errands instead. Ultimately Claire lost, but she did end up getting the stop sign she wanted. Of course now she also wants speed bumps…



Lisa and Malik are finally together, which makes Tessa somewhat of a third wheel. After being set up with a very awkward schoolmate, she ended up going on a date with Lisa’s airhead brother and had a good time. Perhaps that relationship will last. Meanwhile, the reality of Dallas’ divorce set in, and George had to talk her off her ledge. Dalia wasn’t handling the divorce well either, so Noah bought her a kangaroo. Seems logical. I’m looking forward to Alicia Silverstone’s guest arc on the show, which I believe is coming up soon. Perhaps it’ll inspire me to watch Clueless again.

Hopefully next week I’ll do better about watching my shows. Now that it’s April, lots of shows are wrapping up for the summer, which means we’re in store for many a cliffhanger. And it also means the start of summer shows! The life of a TV addict never slows down – not that I’m complaining 🙂


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