The Killing: We’re still figuring out who killed Rosie Larsen


I love this show! Last year, before I started watching it, we had a guest post from the only other person I know who watches it. I don’t understand how I don’t know more people who are as into it as I am, but I won’t get into that. I managed to catch up just before the controversial season finale, and unlike many fans, I was excited for the return of season two.

I’ve noticed that fans of the show seem to fall into two groups: Those who were extremely upset that Rosie’s killer wasn’t revealed at the end of season one, and those who appreciate that it’s an ongoing plotline that keeps the show interesting. I will say that I was annoyed they left the season with such a question mark, but a lot of my concerns were about the other issues raised. Specifically, the development that Holder seemed to be a dirty cop.

Over the course of the first season, I grew very fond of his character. He’s certainly not without his problems, but there are so many moments that show us he’s really a good guy. He loves his nephew so much, he developed a rapport with Linden’s kid quickly and up until the last 30 seconds of the finale, he seemed very driven to find Rosie’s killer. Joel Kinnaman, the actor who plays Holder, recently addressed his effort to make the character empathic, which I think has been successful.

Thankfully, though, the season two premiere showed that he didn’t seem too informed about what he was doing. Linden quickly figured out Holder’s role in framing the councilman and avoided his calls while she worked the case. Eventually Holder figured out his role in the mess too and tried to go to Linden for help. It wasn’t until the second episode that Linden realized Holder was actually not dirty, but he nearly fell back into his old ways before that was resolved.


He was battling throughout the episode with an urge to resort to his old drug habit, and eventually his Narcotics Anonymous friend (with benefits) called Linden to come help him. I know they’ve never really be friends, but I hope their mutual interest in figuring out why the councilman was framed will bring them closer together. That, and their new shared secrets – like the fact that they never sent Rosie’s real backpack to the lab for testing.

So now that Linden is done pretending she’s moving to Sonoma, I’m looking forward to seeing where this case takes them. Hopefully we’ll find out who killed Rosie soon; I’m itching for a new case!


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