The Voice: Live Shows, Week 2


This week, Team Adam and Team Cee Lo took the stage to sing their little hearts out, while Team Christina and Team Blake got to rest after last week’s performances and eliminations. Adam and Cee Lo both dressed up for the occasion, while Blake took the opportunity to dress down. After Adam called him out for that, he said “This is how little of a crap I care about y’all’s teams.” Oh, Blake…how I love you.

Here’s a rundown of the performances.

Team Adam

Katrina Parker, Tonight Tonight – This performance didn’t do much for me. She didn’t sound bad, but it didn’t wow me in any way. At first I found it difficult to even hear her sing, but that got better after awhile. Christina said her voice immediately captivated her, but she wanted to see more rocking out. Cee Lo called her performance “a commendable effort,” but he felt the song is meant to be cathartic and should never be staged when it’s performed. Adam disagreed and said he thought that overall, she killed it. Meh…I wouldn’t go that far.

Tony Lucca, Your Eyes – Tony struggled a bit during rehearsals with a difficult falsetto, but during his performance I didn’t notice it. Adam commended him for working around the issue well, so I guess he reworked the song. He was very into his performance, and I think he did a good job, but like Katrina, it didn’t wow me. Christina, his friend from the Mickey Mouse Club days, told him she finds him to be very one-dimensional. Ouch. She then turned around and told him that he has the support of all his MMC fiends, which seemed very backhanded after her previous statement. Adam told her that she was honest, but quickly added that honest is good. That seemed a bit too honest to me, though.

Kim Yarbrough, Rolling in the Deep – Kim is such a good singer, but this performance disappointed me. It’s a very strong song, and I’m not sure she lived up to it. The chorus, specifically, is very powerful, but I felt that she fell short. Plus, she didn’t do anything to the song to make it her own. Blake told her it got better as she went along, Cee Lo said it was very safe and Adam said he wasn’t overly impressed. Actually, Adam was somewhat talking in circles, probably because he really likes her but didn’t love that performance.


Mathai, Ordinary People – I really like Mathai; I find her smile to be infectious. She’s just so genuinely happy that it makes me happy. Her performance was good, too. It wasn’t my favorite of the night, but I enjoyed it. Christina said it was too lounge-y for her taste, Blake admired her confidence and Adam said she’s magical and can sing anything. I hope she sticks around.

Karla Davis, Airplanes – I found this to be a very strange song choice. She wanted to show that she’s more than just country, but I don’t think this was the best way to do that. She turned the rap portion of the song into more of a singing type of thing, which I liked. Unlike Kim, she at least made the song her own. But it was very fast and didn’t really showcase her voice, which the judges also pointed out. It did get a little better as it went along, but I didn’t like it. Christina called it the biggest surprise of the night and Blake said she did as well as she could do with such a wordy song. Adam pointed out her breathiness and nerves, but said she did a fantastic job.

Pip, When You Were Young – I really like this song, but I don’t think it was a good choice for him. He wanted to show his rocker side, but it seemed too controlled. He had a much stronger finish, but Christina said he seemed like he was trying too hard. Adam told him he wanted him to be more dangerous and “scary,” but he said he’s a great singer regardless. I like Pip, but I didn’t like this performance.

Team Cee Lo

Cheesa, Don’t Leave Me This Way – I’m a big fan of this song, and while I don’t like Cheesa very much, she did a good job. Blake told her it was “like watching solid gold,” but I’m not sure what that means exactly. I guess he liked it. Adam and Blake agreed that the performance had Cee Lo written all over it, and Cee Lo called it successful. Apparently after the battles, there was lots of internet talk that she should’ve lost, so she felt she had a lot to prove. I think in that regard, she was successful.

James Massone, Don’t Know Why – I seriously love this guy, and apparently I’m not the only one. The girls in the audience were screaming like he was Justin Bieber, and he loved every second of it. He was smiling the whole way through his performance and interacting with the crowd nonstop. He also seems to really love letterman jackets, as he was sporting a letterman suit jacket yesterday. When he finished, Blake said “I almost threw my panties on the stage just now,” referencing the screaming girls. I really hope he sticks around, so I voted for him several times.


Juliet Simms, Roxanne – This was arguably the best performance of the night. In fact, Adam said it was his favorite of the night. Her voice is very suited for rock songs, and she performed this one superbly. I voted for her several times as well. Christina said her voice is “dope,” which is a word I didn’t realize people still used. Everyone loved her – no one said anything bad. I imagine she’ll be safe during eliminations.

Tony Vincent, Everybody Wants to Rule the World – I’m a big fan of 80s music, and Tears for Fears is one of my favorites (I have no idea why). I really like Tony and I thought he did a great job, although I could’ve done without the creepy aliens. Blake said they made it hard for him to concentrate, and Christina and Cee Lo agreed that this song may have restricted him vocally. I think he did great, and I voted for him to help him stick around.

Erin Martin, Walk Like an Egyptian – I’ve decided I don’t really like Erin. She’s good and all, but I find others to be much better. I thought this song could be very fitting for her voice, but when she was performing I didn’t really hear her sing very much. It was a very showy performance and her vocals didn’t get much attention. Blake said the same thing he said to Karla – she did as well with the song as she could. Christina said she could’ve brought it harder, both vocally and with her interaction with the dancers. Cee Lo told her she needs to be more aggressive and needs more of a take-charge attitude.

Jamar Rogers, Are You Gonna Go My Way – I really liked this performance! He did a great job, and the guitar players on stilts were very interesting to watch. Of course the stilts confused Blake, and he said Jamar is too good to have the distractions behind him. Adam gave him a standing ovation and said he embodies what the show is. I voted for him a lot, too.

So, it looks like I’m really rooting for Team Cee Lo this year. I voted for four artists, and all four were on his team. The eliminations are tonight, and I hope my favorites are safe.

Which performances did you like the best, and who are you ready to see go home?


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