The Voice: Live Eliminations, Week 1

Warning: Spoilers


The Voice switched it up a bit this year with their eliminations. Team Christina and Team Blake each had six singers left, and based on America’s votes three members of each team were automatically safe. The other three members then got another chance to sing for their coach for a chance to be saved.

From Team Blake, Erin Willett, Jermaine Paul and RaeLynn were safe. I was surprised about Jermaine because I wasn’t very impressed with his performance on Monday.

From Team Christina, America saved Jesse Campbell, Lindsey Pavao and Chris Mann. I didn’t love Lindsey’s rendition of Somebody That I Used to Know, but I guess America enjoyed it.


So Blake’s team was up first to fight for their chance to survive eliminations. Jordis Unga, Charlotte Sometimes and Naia Kete each sang one more song, and Blake chose one person to continue on while the other two were sent home. Naia sang If I Were a Boy, and I didn’t love it. It was hard to hear her and it seemed like a weird song choice. Charlotte sang Iris, which also seemed like a weird choice. It sounded like she was whining and swallowing her words…not the best. And finally, Jordis sang Wild Horses. I don’t know this song, but she definitely sounded the best. All the coaches agreed, including Blake who chose her to advance to the next round.


From Christina’s team, Sera Hill, Ashley De La Rosa and Moses Stone were all on the chopping block. I missed the name of the song Ashley performed, and I didn’t recognize it, but she was good. It was pop/rock, which is her thing, and she was very energized and entertaining. Sera sang Vision of Love; she sounded good but it wasn’t my favorite song choice. Moses sang Break Even, which was interesting because it wasn’t a rap song. I like Moses, and he isn’t a bad singer, but rapping is definitely his thing. I couldn’t decide who I liked best. On the one hand, Sera is clearly a great singer, but Moses is so fun and different. And of course Ashley is a good singer and entertainer overall. Cee Lo said he liked Sera’s performance the best while Adam and Blake both preferred Ashley. Christina chose to save Ashley.

So next week, Team Cee Lo and Team Adam will get their chance to perform for America. I’m looking forward to that because I think they both have some very strong performers.

What did you think of the eliminations? Did you agree with the choices?


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