The Voice: Live Shows, Week 1

Yesterday marked the start of The Voice’s live shows. All six team members from Team Christina and all six from Team Blake performed while Team Cee Lo and Team Adam got to sit back and assess their competition.


The episode proved to be interesting before anything even happened. First of all, Adam Levine’s shaved head was doing really great things for him. That man just never looks bad, I’ve decided. Cee Lo, however, opted for a laced up V-neck shirt (if you can call it that) and a wig. This look was doing nothing for him, but it was amusing. In fact, he barely said anything without laughing at himself. And finally, I don’t know what Christina Aguilera has been up to during the filming break, but she looked AMAZING! Good for you, Christina. Good for you.

Team Blake and Team Christina alternated performances, but for ease of reading this, I’ll cover one team at a time.

Team Blake

Jermaine Paul, Living on a Prayer – I wasn’t overly impressed with this performance. I didn’t love it, but I didn’t hate it…it was just “meh” for me. I did like how he came up from under the stairs in the audience, and he seemed to enjoy interacting with the crowd. But beyond that, this wasn’t very memorable for me.

RaeLynn, Wake Up Call – First of all, I LOVED that she performed a Maroon 5 song. I always like it when people perform other people’s songs in front of them. I can’t figure out my feelings on RaeLynn, though. I think she’s adorable and I really like her, but sometimes her voice confuses me. I don’t think I would like her voice too much if she wasn’t so pleasant herself. She was very into her performance, and I liked the twang she sang the song with. Adam looked a little confused when she started singing, but then he seemed really into it. And at the end, she ran off stage to give him a hug. I can’t say I blame her…I would run and hug him too. I’m not ready to see her go yet, so I hope she survives tonight’s elimination.

Naia Kete, Turning Tables – Blake suggested that Naia sing this song true to the original instead of giving it a reggae vibe, and I agreed with that suggestion. It’s a great song as it is, and I think she sang it very well. Christina didn’t like it at all, and she didn’t try to hide that much either. I think her comments went beyond “constructive” and were just rude.

Jordis Unga, Alone – I’m a fan of this song by Heart, but Jordis kind of sounded like she was holding back to me. I really like Jordis, but this wasn’t my favorite performance. Christina didn’t look impressed either, but thankfully Carson didn’t ask for her opinion this time. Blake told her that her performance was the opposite of playing it safe, so I guess he didn’t think she was holding back at all.

Erin Willett, Living for the City – I feel like I should know this song, but I don’t. But, I think Erin sounded great singing it. The song ended on a high note that she hit flawlessly (in my non-expert opinion). Erin’s father passed away during the battle rounds, and Cee Lo acknowledged that she was a champion for performing so confidently under those conditions. Blake told her that this was the best performance, both technically and musically, of the night. I don’t know about all that, but it was definitely good.

Charlotte Sometimes, Misery Business – I’m still not a fan of this girl, but I will say that she was less obnoxious tonight than in the past. I also really liked her hair, but that’s not important. The people at TVLine thought very highly of her performance, but Adam said she was flat and had pitch issues at moments. Christina, on the other hand, said she was pleasantly surprised and thought she sang it perfectly.

Team Christina

Chris Mann, Bridge Over Troubled Water – I really like Chris, and I thought he sounded great during his performance. While I wouldn’t have chosen this song, I think it was a good choice for him because it allowed him to showcase the range of his voice a bit. I was a little thrown off by the shoutout to his girlfriend’s parents at the end, but I won’t hold that against him. He was on my list of people to vote for.

Moses Stone, Stronger – That same TVLine article I mentioned before said that Moses was the weakest performer on Christina’s team. I don’t think I agree with that. Sure, he didn’t sing, per se, but he was definitely entertaining. Adam told him he has more potential as a singer than a rapper, and Blake made some comment about the show being called The Voice and that he wants to hear people sing. But I agreed with Christina, for once – I think Moses is a good performer overall. I hope he sticks around awhile longer.

Lindsey Paveo, Somebody That I Used to Know – I’m a HUGE fan of this song, but I didn’t love her rendition. The creepy clown guys on stage with her confused me too. Adam told her that he felt she was missing the power in the chorus, and I think that’s accurate. She seemed mellow the whole time, whereas when Gotye and Kimbra sing the song, there are some intense moments. I liked Lindsey during the auditions and battles, but I wasn’t impressed tonight.

Sera Hill, Find Your Love – She had lots of shirtless men with her on stage, which Blake couldn’t seem to get passed. To me, she sounded kind of nervous and reserved at first but then started to find her groove. I thought she was good, but not great. Based on her audition and battle, she’s a great singer, but I don’t think this performance really let her show that off.

Ashley De La Rosa, Right Through You – I like Ashley; she’s cute and spunky. And I thought she sounded really good singing this song. She’s a pop rocker, and I think she does that well. I put her on my list of singers to vote for.

Jesse Campbell, What a Wonderful World – He sounded great, which was not surprising at all. He really has an amazing voice, which the judges acknowledged. Adam said he tells his team that Jesse is the one to beat, and I think that’s accurate. This probably goes without saying, but I put him on my list of people to vote for.


Next up: Eliminations

The first elimination episode airs tonight. Two members from each team will be going home. I think my picks for the ones who have to leave would be Jermaine and Jordis from Team Blake (I know, I know, I just saved Charlotte…who am I?!) and Lindsey and Sera from Team Christina.

What do you think?


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