Bones: Baby Booth is here!

Warning: Some spoilers.

After what felt like a year, Bones finally returned with a new episode tonight. And with the new episode came a new cast member – Baby Booth has arrived!


But, it wouldn’t be Bones without a murder being solved first. This week’s victim was discovered when bone fragments and an eyeball popped up in a toilet that was about to be used by an already scared little girl. Her dad had spent a good five minutes convincing her she had nothing to be afraid of and then BOOM, there’s an eyeball. I don’t think that girl will ever fully be comfortable in the bathroom for the rest of her life.

It turned out the victim was a prisoner who was murdered and then thrown in a sewer. The team found more of his bones and learned that he was stabbed with a shiv made out of paper from a cookbook. Booth kept insisting that Bones go home and rest, but she was adamant about solving the murder – which she did.

After introducing us to a few characters who acted overly shady (including True Blood’s Nan Flanagan!), we learned that another prisoner who had saved the victim’s life a year ago in a fight was the one who killed him. The victim was a con artist a la Bernie Madoff and had promised the other guy money. He realized the victim was lying so he killed him – and he only had two weeks left on his sentence. I can’t imagine that was really worth it for him.

While they were solving the case, Booth and Bones were arguing over where to have the baby. Booth wanted to have it in a hospital – which seems logical – but Bones wanted to deliver at home. Booth got Sweets to help him try to convince Bones that a hospital was better, but Bones can’t be tricked so that didn’t work.

Meanwhile, Daisy the squintern became a doula in case Bones decided she wanted her to deliver the baby. Everyone agreed that was pretty creepy of her, although she meant well.


So, just as Booth and Bones solved the case, she went into labor. Even if she would’ve agreed to giving birth in a hospital, they wouldn’t have made it. Booth stopped at an inn but got turned away. Finally the inn employee said they could use a space in the back, which happened to be a stable-type place complete with a horse to witness the birth. It was very symbolic of Booth’s religious beliefs, yet it allowed Bones to have her wish of a non-hospital birth. So I guess everyone won.

They had a girl and brought her to their new home (which we haven’t seen since it was renovated, but the kitchen area seems very nice!) to find the whole Jeffersonian team waiting with gifts and food. Baby Booth was named after Bones’ mom and Angela, making her name Christine Angela Booth. Cute.

So, is anyone else hoping for adorable Christine/Michael playdates?

What did you think of Bones’ return to television? Was it worth the (insanely long) hiatus?


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