The Voice: The Battles, Week 2

We got to see six more battles this week, along with more of Christina’s silly little hat. I hope she ditches that before the live shows begin…just saying.

Team Christina: Geoff McBride v. Sera Hill – I’m glad Christina resisted the urge to get up on stage and sing with Sera again. For this battle, Christina had her singers perform Chain of Fools by Aretha Franklin. They both did well during the rehearsals – Lionel Richie was very impressed with Geoff’s voice and even suggested he skip the glasses during the battle so he can make eye contact. I thought that was a strange request because Geoff doesn’t wear those glasses for fun, he actually needs them. He met Lionel in the middle, though, and wore non-tinted glasses instead. As expected, they were both great during the battle. I actually really enjoyed their performance as a duo, but someone had to go. Geoff was great, but I wanted Sera to win. Christina felt this way too and picked Sera to advance to the live shows.

Team Blake: Charlotte Sometimes v. Lex LandJust in case I haven’t said it enough yet, I really can’t stand Charlotte. I still don’t understand how she got all four judges to turn around for her. Blake asked the girls to sing Pumped Up Kicks by Foster the People, which I thought was a strange choice. During rehearsals we got a better look at Charlotte’s personality, which didn’t make me like her any more. She’s very intense, for lack of a better word. In an attempt to compliment Lex, she said, “I’m not as talented as she is, plus you’ve got better boobs.” Everyone – including Blake – got really uncomfortable. And if I’ve learned anything about Blake through watching this show and following him on Twitter, he doesn’t get uncomfortable too easily. So, given how much I don’t like Charlotte, you can imagine my disappointment when I found her to be the stronger performer during the battle. Blake chose Charlotte as the winner, so we’ll get to see more of her when the live shows start.

Team Cee Lo: Sarah Golden v. Juliet Simms – Cee Lo had the girls perform Rod Stewart’s Stay With Me. Juliet said she has been told she sounds like a female Rod Stewart, so I guess she had an advantage going into it. I didn’t have strong feelings about Sarah one way or the other during her audition, but I remember really liking Juliet. That’s pretty much how I felt during the battle, too. Sarah wasn’t bad, but I found Juliet to be better. I think the song suited her style more. Christina even went as far as to say it was a no brainer that Juliet was better, which seemed a bit rude. But, Cee Lo did choose Juliet to advance to the live shows.

Team Adam: Whitney Myer v. Kim Yarbrough – Adam had his two “powerhouses” sing No More Drama by Mary J. Blige. Whitney was struggling with it during rehearsals while Kim rocked it. Whitney had improved a lot by the time the battle started, but I think Kim was still the stronger singer. Having said that, though, I wanted Whitney to win because I think her voice is better suited for a wider range of songs, and I think she would ultimately do better down the line. Adam, however, chose Kim as the winner. I suppose given their performances, that made sense.

Team Christina: Lee Koch v. Lindsey Pavao – Lee and Lindsey performed Heart Shaped Box by Nirvana, which Lee wasn’t very familiar with. They both have interesting and unique voices, but I’m not sure I love Lee’s voice. I didn’t think either one did exceptionally well during the battle; I kind of found the performance to be depressing. Adam called it “delightfully creepy,” but I don’t think it was delightful so much as it was creepy. Christina picked Lindsey as the winner, and I think she would’ve been my choice too.

Team Cee Lo: Jamar Rogers v. Jamie Lono – Jamar and Jamie have apparently become friends during their time on the show, so this battle was kind of bittersweet for them. They performed I Want to Know What Love Is by Foreigner. Jamie’s voice kept cracking during rehearsals, but he seemed to get that under control for the battle. To me, Jamar was much stronger and more confident during the performance. Cee Lo noticed that too and chose him as the winner.

Did you agree with the coaches’ choices this week? Let me know in the comments.

Photos from TVFanatic and Big Frog 104


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