TV news of the week

There were several big news stories this week relating to TV stars and shows; here are a few of the ones that stood out to me.

Hawaii Five-0’s Alex O’Loughin seeks treatment for prescription pills

This is arguably one of the bigger stories of the week – at least for a Hawaii Five-0/Alex O’Loughlin fan like myself. From what I’ve gathered, Alex developed a bit of a dependence on prescription pain pills after he hurt his shoulder recently. The show is going to stop production while he seeks treatment. They haven’t said how many (if any) episodes he’ll miss as a result, but they are ahead of schedule with filming so I’m hoping the answer is zero. Can you imagine Five-0 without the commander? I sure can’t.

Former ‘Firefly’ costars will reunite on screen when Adam Baldwin guest stars on Castle

I may or may not have slightly squealed when I read about this. Adam Baldwin, who just finished his five-year run as John Casey on Chuck, is going to guest star on an episode of Castle this spring alongside former Firefly costar, Nathan Fillion. If you’re a fan of Castle, you may have noticed that Nathan has alluded to Firefly in several episodes, so I can only imagine the subtle references that’ll occur when Adam is on.

Matthew Perry is starring in a new pilot written by former ‘Friends’ writer

I’m a fan of Matthew Perry and was sad to see Mr. Sunshine get cancelled – I thought it was a very cleverly written show that should’ve stuck around longer. Now Matthew has a new pilot that’s being written by Scott Silveri, who used to write for Friends. But before that, he’s also going to guest star on The Good Wife in a multi-episode arc that will begin airing in just a few weeks.

FOX moves Bones to Mondays and The Finder to Fridays

It feels like forever since Bones has been on the air! When it returns from hiatus next month, it will move from Thursdays to Mondays. This complicates my TV schedule as I already have two shows that I watch during the 8 o’clock hour on Mondays, but I’ll make it work. Bones’ spinoff show, The Finder, has been airing in Bones’ old time slot on Thursdays, but this week it will move to Fridays. I must admit, I haven’t been watching this show yet this season. Maybe I’ll pick it up when the DVD comes out.

So what do you think about these stories? Were there any other big ones this week that I missed?


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