Hawaii Five-0: Father and son reunite on the small screen

I love when real world connections pop up on TV or in movies, so when I heard James Caan was going to guest star on his son’s show, I was very excited (to say the least). I found it surprising that he didn’t play Danno’s father since the Caan men share quite a resemblance, but it was almost better this way.

Papa Caan played Tony Archer, an ex-New York bomb squad cop who retired to Hawaii – and lost all desire to wear shoes. He was good friends with the murder victim of the week, who happened to be a very well-liked radio personality. Five-0 tracked Tony down because they found his fingerprints on the DJ’s audio board, making him a suspect.

Upon meeting, McGarrett and Tony had guns pointed at each other, and when Tony tried to outsmart McGarrett, Danno was there to set him straight. Five-0 ruled him out as a suspect, but because of his close ties with the victim he insisted on helping out.

My favorite moment of the episode came when the three of them went to talk to a fireworks dealer and Tony said to Danno, “Book ‘em, Muscles.” Trust me when I say that moment is a must-see. Another good one was when Tony met Kono at Five-0 headquarters. She told him that it was a pleasure to meet him and he responded with, “I hope to enhance that feeling.” Awkward, but hilarious!

By the end of the episode, the guys were all friends and even hung out on Tony’s boat. They left it kind of open as to whether Papa Caan would be back for more episodes – I hope he will be!

I won’t go into details about the case because, honestly, that was the least interesting part of the episode. Plus I was too busy focusing on the Caans to really grasp what was going on elsewhere, so I might have to watch it again.

For now, check out this interview with James and Scott (and Alex O’Loughlin with his real accent!) talking about the episode.


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