The Voice: The Blind Auditions, Part 3

Week three of the blind auditions and we’re still not done! I’m totally fine with that though because I love this part of the show. Here’s a rundown of the newest additions to the teams.

Sarah Golden – They started this week’s episode by making it a blind audition for the audience as well. Sarah talked about she often gets shot down because of how she looks, so I was expecting something terrible, or at least mildly bad. When they finally did show her, I thought she looked fine. I wasn’t overly impressed with her voice though, but she got both Cee Lo and Blake to turn around so that shows how much I know about voices. She had a hard time deciding who to pick, so Cee Lo said “I only want who wants me.” She said she wants both of them, and Cee Lo cracked the first joke of the night by saying “You can’t handle us both, baby!” I don’t know if that sold her in, but she chose Cee Lo as her coach, which is who I hoped she would pick.

Pip – I like this kid…I think it’s his name, bowtie and suspenders. Adam turned around very soon into his performance, followed by Blake, Christina and Cee Lo. Blake took a stab at Christina by saying she’s rarely up before noon, and for once I liked her come-back. She said she knows all about time and attention because she’s a mother, but then she ruined it when she tried to argue her case by saying she had success before Maroon 5 came along. The bashing didn’t work because Pip ended up choosing Adam as his coach.

Erin Willett – Erin has a sad story – her father is a huge supporter of her, but he’s dying from stage 4 cancer. She also happens to be from the same area I’m from, so part of me feels like I should root for her for that reason. She’s good, but not my favorite. Blake was the only judge who turned around, so at least we’ll get to see how she does in the battle rounds.

Katrina Parker – Carson surprised Katrina at her office, but she didn’t seem overly surprised. It was as if she fully expected Carson Daly to pop up out of nowhere… Anyway, she wasn’t bad, but also not my favorite so far. Adam was the only judge to turn around, and frankly I was surprised it was him since he’s usually so picky.

Geoff McBride – I think I like this guy, but I can’t put my finger on exactly why. Christina was first to turn around, followed by Cee Lo. I like his voice and was hoping he would pick Christina as his coach, which he did.

Erin Martin – Erin has a very interesting voice. It doesn’t sound like anything I would expect, especially based on her speaking voice. Blake turned around first, then Cee Lo. She’s very pretty (and a former model), so Cee Lo was VERY smitten with her. He said “I mean quite naturally you belong to me, don’t you agree?” which may have sealed the deal for her because she chose him as her coach. During those mini-interviews with the camera that the coaches do after some performances, Cee Lo said “She was given to me. I deserve her.” Considering she had her girlfriend with her backstage, I don’t think Cee Lo has much of a shot with her, but I am interested to see how she does from here.

James Massone – I went from strongly disliking this guy (for a very superficial reason, I’ll admit – his insanely strong Boston accent), to really, REALLY liking him. He has a very nice singing voice, which is really all that matters. Christina and Blake turned around at the same time, followed by Cee Lo. After his finished singing, he started crying because he was so happy (awww!) Adam was surprised to see that James is white, and Blake said “You waited ‘til the end to fall apart, and that’s a hard thing to do.” Ultimately, though, James picked Cee Lo as his coach. I couldn’t decide who I wanted him to pick (because ideally, I wanted him on Adam’s team), so I guess I’m ok with this choice.

Chris Cauley – Chris talked a lot about how close he was with his grandmother. She apparently got him into music and singing in the first place, but she passed away last year. He wasn’t bad; he sang “Grenade,” and got Cee Lo and Adam to both turn around. After suggesting they arm wrestle over him – which Adam said he wouldn’t win – Chris chose Adam as his coach.

Nathan Parrett, Brian Fuente and Moses Stone – We didn’t get to really see these three performances, I guess because of timing. Nathan is on Adam’s team, Brian is on Blake’s team and Moses is on Christina’s team. The interesting thing about Moses is that he’s more of an MC than a singer. That should make the competition interesting.

Jordis Unga – I really like Jordis (even her name is interesting!) She sang “Maybe I’m Amazed” and got Blake to turn around very fast. Christina and Cee Lo turned too, and at the same time. Adam seemed to be more into the song than the singer, and he even said “I’m the a-hole who didn’t pick you.” That’s ok though, I wanted her to pick Blake, which is what she did.

There are more blind auditions next week – I think maybe that’ll be the last of them. If you need a refresher on the rest of the contestants so far, you can read about them here and here.


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