Zooey Deschanel’s SNL hosting debut

Before New Girl, I didn’t have strong feelings one way or the other on Zooey, but now I can’t get enough of her. So, for the first time in weeks, I watched SNL to see her hosting debut. Overall, she did a good job, but it wasn’t my favorite episode. Maya Rudolph is hosting next week, so I’m hoping for some appearances from past cast members, or some old Maya skits coming back from the dead.

My favorite skits

Bein’ Quirky with Zooey Deschanel

I always love the skits that mock celebrities who are also in said skit (there were two of them this week!). Abby Elliot does some good impressions, though I’m not sure her Zooey one is my favorite. Still, it was entertaining, and the real Zooey as Mary Kate Olsen was pretty great too.


Get in the Cage

In the second celebrity mocking skit featuring the real celebrity this week, Andy Samberg’s Nicolas Cage sat alongside the real Nicolas Cage at the Update desk. The real Nic did a great job keeping a straight face the whole time (although breaking character would’ve been great too!). I’m not a big Nic Cage fan, but he did earn some bonus points from me for this skit.

Les Jeunes de Paris

I still haven’t completely figured this skit out, but I love it. Plus, the cameo from Jean Dujardin made it even better – and it was only fitting that he be featured in a (mostly) silent sketch.

My least favorite skits

Technology Hump

I’m not really sure what the point of this was. If they wanted to do a skit about humping, I think they would’ve been better off with that one where Kenan plays the old man who makes sex tapes.

Piers Morgan Tonight

I’m never usually a fan of news-related skits; in fact I usually fast forward through them. But, I was watching this episode live and didn’t have that luxury. I may have chuckled once or twice during this skit, but I wouldn’t have missed it if they didn’t do it.


I kind of liked how Zooey’s character seemed very modern in this 1940s-era skit, but not enough to actually like the skit overall. I think it might’ve been Kristen Wiig who turned me off – there was something about her in this skit that I really didn’t care for. That said, I did enjoy Bobby Moynihan’s exaggerated speedy typing.

Skits they should’ve included this week

What Up With That?

I mean, come on! When is the skit ever a bad idea? Plus, with Jean Dujardin and Nicolas Cage both around, they would’ve have had to search far for the real celebrities to include.


To be fair, I think every episode of SNL needs a Stefon appearance. I would’ve liked to hear his advice for what to do in the city on Valentine’s Day.

Kissing Family

I think Zooey’s ability to play awkward so well would’ve been great for this skit! But maybe she vetoed any slimy and gross make-out sessions with the cast (although the host usually plays the grossed out outsider, so that should really be a non-issue).


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