Hawaii Five-0: Gracie got kidnapped!

Warning: Spoilers!

Hawaii Five-0 always manages to make my blood pressure rise. If I’m being honest, it’s a combination of the stressful situations and the hotness of McGarrett 🙂

Usually I read the summaries before each episode so I know what to expect, but I didn’t do that this week and was blindsided to find out that Gracie was kidnapped! I was holding out hope that she wouldn’t go with the creeper cop because she knew better than to talk to strangers, but that silly tennis coach of hers gave her the vote of confidence she needed. I hope someone punched that man.

Before the drama began, McGarrett and Lori were flirtatiously running up a mountain before she sprained her ankle. McGarrett, in true McGarrett fashion, ended up carrying her down the mountain because she couldn’t walk. Even with a sprained ankle, I imagine that experience was very enjoyable! I wasn’t a huge fan of the Lori-McGarrett flirting at first, but I’ve warmed up to it. I don’t think I would hate the idea of them getting together – I definitely prefer her to that Navy woman from last season.

But back to the case…it started out like any other, except Danno knew the victim from when he lived in New Jersey. His personal connection to the case made him go all McGarrett on the suspects and evidence. Case in point: He committed a federal offense by opening someone’s mail, and he tried to drown the fugitive who escaped from the plane. McGarrett had to remind him that a dead witness doesn’t talk.

Badass Danno didn’t last long though because pretty soon his ex-training officer, Rick Peterson, kidnapped Gracie. Seeing Danno cave to the demands of a kidnapper was strange – I’m sure if my child’s life was on the line I wouldn’t try to be a hero either, but I’ve never heard him beg and plead so much.

A lot of Rick’s plan seemed flawed to me, especially for someone who used to be a cop. For instance, he let Danno drive around for quite awhile before he disabled the car’s GPS (it took an equally long time for the rest of 5-0 to think to track him on that). I also didn’t understand the point of having him throw his gun and badge out of the car onto the side of the road – that just made HPD and 5-0 aware of the situation much sooner. And what purpose did it serve to send Rachel a text message from Danno’s phone? Rick had to realize that by then she would’ve been aware that her daughter was missing and that something wasn’t right about that message.

Rick’s entire motivation seemed a bit ridiculous, too. He was angry that Danno’s testimony landed him in prison for 10 years and caused his wife to leave him and his son to hate him, but really whose fault was that? Maybe he shouldn’t have stolen drugs from crime scenes if he was worried about losing his family. Or at the very least, maybe he shouldn’t have done it in front of witnesses.

Even without the GPS on his car, McGarrett was able to find Danno (thanks in large part to that text message to Rachel). Rick told Danno to shoot Stan three times – he shot him once before 5-0 intervened. It was just a shoulder shot, so Stan will be fine, but I’m curious if they’ll tell us how he reacted to that.

Danno didn’t get to kill Rick (unfortunately?), but he did shoot him in the leg to get him to say where he hid Gracie. The reunion between Gracie at her parents at the end was sweet – I’m still holding out hope that Rachel and Danno will get back together, even if there’s a new baby in the mix.


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