The Voice: The Blind Auditions, Part 2


I was looking forward to the Prince medley once I heard it was happening, but I must say I wasn’t overly impressed. My issues were mostly in the department of song choice – I feel like there are so many other Prince songs that would’ve been better. After opening the show with the performance, it was back to the blind auditions!

The Line (Hailey and Leland) – I don’t know if I like the idea of duos on this show or not. I also can’t decide how I feel about this duo specifically. They managed to get all four judges to turn their chairs around, which I guess is saying something, and I was a bit thrown off when they asked for 30 seconds to make a decision. That does make sense though, they should probably discuss something like that rather than leaving it up to one of them. They ended up choosing Christina for their coach, but that decision didn’t seem to come easy.

Jamar Rogers – I really like this guy. He used to be a meth addict and is now HIV positive as a result of his drug use, but he isn’t letting that dictate his life, which I admire. Carson went to New York City to personally invite Jamar on the show, where he ended up singing one of my favorite songs, “Seven Nation Army.” Cee Lo was the only person to turn around, but that turned out to be okay because Jamar is a HUGE Cee Lo fan. None of the other judges would’ve stood a chance!

Gwen Sebastian – I think I may need to hear this performance again because I didn’t think it was that great. Three judges turned around though, so I’m thinking I must have missed something. Gwen sang “Stay” by Sugarland, which is another favorite song of mine. She told Adam that she’s a huge fan of his and listens to his music all the time, but she said her heart is country and chose to be on Blake’s team instead.

Kim Yarbrough – I think I like this woman…she’s spunky! She’s 50 years old but talked about how she doesn’t let her age define who she is (I’m paraphrasing). She sang “Tell Me Something Good” and got Adam and Christina to turn their chairs around. The always entertaining Blake offered to help Kim make the decision of which team to join by pointing out that Adam won last year and Christina didn’t. She ultimately picked Adam, which I imagine Blake will take full credit for.

Angie Johnson – I think I like this one too. She’s a Staff Sergeant in the Air Force and is also apparently a YouTube sensation. Cee Lo was the only judge to turn around and he seemed very pleased when he saw how attractive she is. She’s certainly not my favorite so far, but I’m curious to see how she does.

Lindsey Pavao – I was very distracted by this girl’s haircut, but not necessarily in a bad way. I certainly would never be able to pull off the half shaved head look, but it worked on her. She has a very unique voice too, which I really like. The only judge who didn’t turn around was Adam, and that kind of saddened me because while she was singing I decided I would like her to be on his team. Instead she went with Christina, who would’ve been my last choice for her. In a strange way she kind of reminded me of Xenia from last year (maybe it was the unique voice), so if she wasn’t going to be on Adam’s team I was rooting for Blake.

Jermaine Paul – I can’t decide if this guy is a confident go-getter or insanely cocky. He used to be a backup singer for Alicia Keys but wanted to branch out and do his own thing, which I can appreciate. Cee Lo and Blake both turned around and Jermaine dug right in with the questions. Cee Lo said he wanted him on his team and Jermaine said something to the effect of “’Want’ is a good word, ‘need’ is an even better one. But I want to hear the word ‘keep.’” I get that his is his career on the line, but that seemed like a bit much and a bit too soon. Cee Lo gave into the demands, but Blake kind of called him out by telling him that ‘keep’ is up to him and he can’t promise that. Adam may have said it best when he said Jermaine “commands attention,” but he said it as more of a compliment than it should’ve been. He ended up choosing Blake, probably for his honesty. I guess we’ll see what happens with him.

Angel Taylor – Angel seems sweet; I think I like her. She said “Someone Like You” by Adele, which could’ve gone really badly since Adele is such an amazing singer. Adam turned around first, then Blake, then Cee Lo. I’m actually surprised Christina didn’t turn around because I thought she sang the song really well. I loved Angel’s confession that she has a massive crush on Blake, and I loved even more that Blake stood up and took a bow for that. Adam told her he didn’t blame her because Blake is tall and handsome, to which Blake took another bow. I love the funny moments like those! She ended up choosing Adam, which I do think was the better choice for her voice. It’s probably for the best anyway – Blake is a married man now, after all.

So now we have to wait a week before the next set of auditions. There were a couple people who auditioned on tonight’s episode but didn’t make it on. One guy in particular named Dez was pretty good, except he chose a Backstreet Boys song for his audition. While I’ve been known to jam to some BSB in my day, I don’t think a boy band song is the way to go for this kind of thing. Still, if they end up going back through the people who auditioned to give some second chances, I hope this guy comes back.

Have you been watching season two so far? Do you have any favorites yet? Let me know in the comments!


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