The Voice is finally back!

As a general rule, I don’t really watch reality TV shows. It’s not that I’m “above” them or anything, I just get sucked in so easily and I already watch too many shows as it is. I’ve got to make cuts somewhere. But I have one exception to this rule, and that is The Voice.

I was obsessed with this show last season, but I hadn’t realized how much I missed it until it was back on yesterday. It’s just the greatest, and if you don’t watch it I would strongly suggest you reconsider. The bromances alone are totally worth it. And if anyone was wondering whether Christina Aguilera would be less awkward and inappropriate this season, the answer is no. She brought up race in a situation that didn’t warrant it, she told a contestant that Britney Spears had a huge crush on him as a kid (if I were Britney, I probably wouldn’t appreciate that) and she picked fights with Adam Levine entirely too often. But those are the moments that make the show (even more) entertaining!

Last night’s episode was only one hour – such a tease! So far, the talent pool seems great. Here’s who we met:

RaeLynn – I was worried when she said she would be performing a Miranda Lambert song, and even more worried when she said she hopes she can make Blake turn around. Last season we learned that Blake is a hard judge when people try to sing his wife’s music because he doesn’t think anyone can do it better than she does (awww). But I will say RaeLynn was great and I was so happy that Blake did, indeed, turn around. I was surprised she was having such a hard time choosing which team she wanted to be on since it seemed like Blake was her first choice. But ultimately she did pick him.

Jesse Campbell – HOLY. CRAP. This man can sing! I love those moments when multiple judges turn around at the same time, and in Jesse’s case he had Adam, Cee Lo and Christina turn around before he even finished one line of his song. He was THAT good. Eventually Blake turned around too – I’m not sure what took him so long (he wasn’t sure either, apparently). Adam tried to fight for Jesse, even pointing out that he was able to make the dream happen for Javier last season and is certain he could do it again. I was kind of hoping that Jesse would pick Adam, but he went with Christina. I don’t mind this, though. Christina can be a quite a lot of crazy, but the woman knows what’s up when it comes to singing.

Juliet – I wasn’t sure how I felt about her at first, but I quickly decided I like her. She has an interesting voice and pulls off the rock and roll vibe flawlessly. And she was definitely passionate – dropping to her knees could’ve come off as trying to hard, but in her case it seemed very appropriate. I would’ve liked to see her join Adam’s team (he was visibly saddened when she didn’t), but she went with Cee Lo. He proved to be a good judge for rocker chicks last season with Vicci Martinez, so hopefully he’ll have similar luck with Juliet.

Chris Mann – It did not take me long to decide that I love this man. I was worried that singing an opera song would work against him in terms of getting the judges to turn around, but I could not have been more wrong. I loved Blake’s comment about not understanding a word he said (one of the things I’ve missed about this show: Blake’s sense of humor). I’m glad Chris picked Christina for his coach. I think someone with a voice like his needs someone with a voice like hers. And after hearing his opera singing, I’m excited to see him take on more mainstream music in the battle rounds and (hopefully) beyond.

Tony Lucca – Of course the interesting thing about this guy is that he was on the Mickey Mouse Club with Christina when they were kids. It was kind of awkward that she didn’t recognize him for the longest time…and then it was awkward that she called out Britney Spears for having a crush on him. But I digress…he’s an amazing singer, as evidenced by the fact that he got all four judges to turn their chairs (even though Adam had to help Cee Lo a bit). The fact that Adam pushed two buttons (his own and Cee Lo’s) for Tony ended up working in his favor because Tony chose him for his coach.

That was all we got last night – like I said, it was just a tease. Part two of the blind auditions airs tonight, and this time it’ll be two hours (thank goodness!) That’ll probably mean more Carson, the introduction of Christina Milian as the social media person, more awkward moments with Christina and more adorable moments between the guys.


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